Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Memory Monday (Christmas Ball 2010)

Good morning from a very cold Principality of Swann. I felt a bit weird about my blog lately, not knowing where it is going etc. I suppose the fact is that we do these things primarily just to express ourselves and one shouldn't be motivated by what others do or say. So I decided to finally post on one of the tipping point events in the doll universe. This event set the president for all future events as it was the tour-d-force that finally convinced me that Royalty was back and that the Revolution of 1996 lost all its power.

The Christmas Ball of 2010 was unique in the sense that it rekindled the old tradition of Royalty gathering over the festive season to celebrate. In 2009 it was merely the direct relations of the Crown Prince Imperial who gathered privately as a family but in 2010 "everybody" was invited. This event was to be the largest gathering of Royals since before the revolution. Most Royals where increasing in their public exposure and Christmas as a season of goodwill lent a sense of security that allowed more Royals than ever to "show face" and party in glamorous style. 

The ball was hosted by the Grand Duke of Hanoveria in the state ball room of the Georgiana Palace. It was considered by the Hanoverian people to be a full state function that gave great prestige to their country and it did just that as many reigning monarchs gathered together for the first time in over 14years. That has now become a more common reality but in 2010 it was a veritable miracle. 

The state ball room in the Georgiana Palace stands ready to receive its guests. 

First to arrive was the Prince and Princess Karageorgevich, now the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski.

The D'Rothchild baronial family. 

The Baron D'Rothchild greets Infanta Isabella and Don Miguel of Hispania. In the background we see the Dowager Countess Cartwright.

The Duchess of Aragon and her daughter Donna Hernanda y Aragon boisterously greet Infanta Isabella upon their arrival. The Duchess of Aragon wears the famous Perigrina Pearl in her tiara. 

Princess Maxima, the very new Countess von Bismarck arrived alone as her husband was off on extended business in the Republic of Canadium. I think that this dress was one of the more "questionable" style choices of Princess Maxima's life. 

Wearing the huge Tzar Nicholas Pink Diamond tiara, Grand Duchess Xenia of Ruskiana looked very regal. 

Princess Kirsten of Hanoveria.

The Duchess of Roswind was followed by the Earl Cartwright and Prince Dillon of Swann. Then the major Royals began to arrive. Those who didn't attend this Ball included, the Count von Bismarck, Prince Felix Youssopoff, the D'Baquemme family, the Margravine of Montrose, Arch Duke Von FulcoD'Este, the Reichenthal Royals, the Princess of Wallachia and some others.

Princess Augusta wearing stylish faux animal fur and an exceptional blue pearl necklace with matching earrings.

The reigning Grand Ducal couple of Hanoveria. Spot the famous jewels. 

Gloria Van der Bilt wearing the Order of the Lake in anticipation of the possibility of becoming Queen of Normandia. She also had a new tiara made in case she required a greater variety of jewellery. She wears it here for the first time and her assumption was justified less than a year later. 

Queen Maria I of Hispania was represented officially by her mother, the Dowager Princess of Cataljone seen here wearing an amazing gold dress and Ruby parure. 

The Empress Crystobel of the United Empire of Scot-Britania arrived on the arm of her nephew, the Duke of Swann. 

With trumpeted fanfare, the guests of honour, The Crown Prince Imperial and Crown Princess Imperial, arrived fresh from their honeymoon and looking positively radiant and appropriately majestic. Princess Odeliah wore the newly acquired D'Pont du Lac Sapphires for the first time with an amazing lilac ball gown. 

It was obvious that not all invited guests would make it as attendance wasn't diplomatically required. Royal protocol requires the highest ranking guests to arrive last and the Prince Imperial was ready to take up position to make his speech at  the first official Christmas Ball. 

But as the Crown Prince Imperial was about to start, a commotion at the doors to the ball room was followed by the doors almost bursting open. 

In breech of protocol, by arriving last, this guest was invited but at this stage completely unexpected. Was it a premeditated strategy? Was it a subtle hint that she was technically the most important or just a forgivable mistake in time management?

This is the Lady Arcwhite and if first impressions last, this one was going to last a thousand years. She had successfully focused the whole event and the media coverage of it, on herself. The fact that she wore the official tiara attached to her office as ruler of Arcwhite was also a subtle hint and cherry on this cake that went flying in the face of the establishment.

The Duke of Swann stepped forward to break the awkward silence of the crowd by greeting the otherwise official and important guest. Lady Arcwhite chose to bowl the assembly of Royal guests over with a spectacular gown by Barbie International. 

The Crown Prince Imperial made his speech to the now complete assembly and declared the dance floor open. 

The Crown Prince Imperial couple opened the dance floor to "Careless Whisper" by George Michael.

Later the Duke of Swann enjoyed a dance with the "lady of the night". This was very interesting as the two countries represented are diplomatically frigid. 

Empress Crystobel  having a chat with the Lady Arcwhite. One wonders what was said.

The Crown Prince Imperial poses with his close family for a portrait. 

The night was a huge success and reestablished the old tradition of the Christmas Ball. However that is not what this night will be remembered for, it will go down in history as the day Lady Arcwhite stepped back into the International arena since the 1996 Revolution. I cannot help but feel a shudder of excitement or is it apprehension? 


  1. Love the detail in your narrative! Lady Arcwhite is a stunner!

    1. Thank you for your appreciation of the story. I put a lot of effort in all the posts to create a fantasy continuum. You will find Lady Arcwhite to be a very engaging character as well as a snappy dresser.

  2. Love, love, love the first picture. You have some of the best dresses, too. Also love the picture of them dancing.

  3. I'd like to be in 1/6 scale only to take part at dreamy event like this!!!

  4. Oh my...! How this Royal gathering, after the 1996 revolution, must have made great news! I can just picture the hustle and bustle in each Royal head's household as they saw themselves exposed to the limelight of Royal events again!
    I think all the ladies really put a lot of planning and thoughts into the preparation of their dresses and jewelery. I like them all, but my favourites are : The D'Rothchild youngest (I presume);Princess Augusta, with her tiara with what looks to me like 'angelic wings' (and the Cross of our Lord of Lords) - achieves a startling but not unpleasant contrast to the simple 'sky blue' (celestial) short dress with matching shoes. Her necklace somewhat complements her leopard spot stole as they both are reminiscent and reflect a subtle African tone.
    Goria Van der Bilt's dress and whole appearance is a soft and cloud-like... I love her hair!

    I am somehow disappointed in my favourite 'Lady' ever: Princess Crystobel attire - she doesn't seem to be herself or at least the way I have come to know her in the last 6 months or so... her dress seems incomplete and the jewelery (although beautiful in itself)does not do much for her.

    The Lady Arcwhite, stunning and elegant, is definitely to be watched
    closely... apprehension is the right word, Duke. Not knowing much about her doesn't really help that her eyes are as cold as white ice, and I am certain that she has a gift of freezing people at a glance - not unlike the Greek Mythology character of the Medusa turning every one who looked at her to stone. The Duke of Swann, as Perseus did with Medusa, better use wisdom and discernment in dealing with her ;-). Lady Arcwhite's dress and tiara are hypnotizing in its magical and translucent appearance - too dazzling to be true... or approachable! Maybe it's just me... but I would perhaps infiltrate a 'spy' in her household to make sure she doesn't get up to nonsense ;-)

    Splendid event! A great 'come-back'. A seed must be buried and die before it can bring forth much fruit.... So, I declare a blessing upon these Royal gatherings, NEW WINESKINS FOR NEW WINE... and NEW LIFE!

    1. Thank you for your lengthy comment. I really appreciate the discourse on my blog. Empress Crystobel dressed down on purpose to place the emphasis on her son which worsens the protocol breech that Lady Arcwhite orchestrated. For more on Princess Augusta's tiara follow this link on my blog. http://daniel-s-world.blogspot.com/2012/04/wonderful-weekends.html