Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What's Up Wednesday (Duke of Swann Flamenco)

In this week's current events instalment I'd like to share about my own special hobby. As a ruling monarch I don't get much time to myself but one passion will not be neglected and that is Flamenco. Every week I go to Chiquetas School of Spanish Dancing to express my desire for dance and its accompanying discipline. Last week some much needed rounding off was needed for my upcoming exam and the possible performance with the Countess De Lumbre.

This is Madame Colleen the Duke of Swann's private Flamenco and Spanish Dance instructor. Her company of professional dancers perform all over the country and they can be booked for a performance at +27731505528. Here she demonstrates the stance she requires from her Royal student.

His Royal Highness takes up position for his lesson to begin.

Then the Duke changes to what is refered to as fifth position and Madame Colleen brings her hand to her hip holding her skirt.

Preparing to do the dance called the "Paso".

The various traditional dances may require the use of many "props" like hats and shawls. Others include fans, and hankerchiefs. Men may also use canes or capes. His Royal Highness has even danced with a sword.

Various hand held precussion instruments can be used in Spanish Dance. Among these are maraccas and finger symbals but the most characteristic and  famous are the castanettes. These are also the favourite of the Duke of Swann and he has become exceptional at the skill.

Taking instruction in castanettes.

While one of the other students quikely polishes some foot work called "Zapateado", the Duke of Swann repeates his moves before the lesson is continued in partners for the "Sevillanas"dance.
We look forward to the end of the year when we might do a performance for charity with the Countess De Lumbre. Regardless of that, this hobby will never cease for the Duke of Swann as it has been a childhood dream and now is the time to maximise it.


For more info on the Chiquita Scool of Spanish Dance reference the phone number +27731505528 in the first photo above or befriend Madame Coleen on Facebook.


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  1. This is a wonderful blog post!
    Getting new ideas all the time!
    Fantastic! The duke of Swann is a man of many talents!
    I love the photos depicting him dancing! They look impeccable and his style is just perfect!
    well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tnx Donatella. The Duke of swann still wants to visit the Duchess Di Giorgio for tea.

  2. Hello from Spain: ole ole ... Ole ole Spain ... I see that the Duke of Swann likes the customs of my country. I already see that he wears the costume of dancer. I really like these miniature castanets. A great job! Keep in touch

    1. Thank you Martha. It means a lot coming from a spaniard like yourself.

  3. Duke of Swann is hereby formally invited, should I invite other guests?

    1. A Princess such as yourself should do whatever she thinks is right. We would gladly accept your invitation.