Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Countess de Lumbre)

Today we profile a person of contrasts, conviction and passion. She is famous for her beauty, her talent at dancing and for her uncanny resemblance to the Queen of Hispania. She hardly ever attends state functions preferring to focus on her more practical responsibilities but isn’t beyond dressing to the hilt when the occasion demands it.

Her Excellency Donna Maria Rosario de Lumbre, Contessa De Lumbre is the wife of The Comte De Lumbre. Married in April 2011 and from humble origins the Countess is an acclaimed Flamenco dancer and has continued her love and now patronage of this particular art form. The Hispanian monarchy from which her husband derives his noble title, survived the Bloody Revolution of 1996. Thus the De Lumbre family has continued in their responsibilities and lifestyles uninterrupted and unscathed except for extended family abroad being affected. It did however leave an unsettling fear of revolution within the Hispanian monarchy.

Today at age 35, the Countess works alongside her husband on his extensive wine and olive oil producing farms. Owner of several castles the family has many obligations toward the International Heritage Trust and fulfills them by managing most of the properties as museums and not just as private residences. The Countess, a lay scholar of medieval history, takes pride in her role as custodian of the castles and their historic art treasures. She attempts also to spend as much time as possible in performing Flamenco but only to raise money for charities.

Animal abuse takes high priority with Donna Maria who grew up hating the violent side and death associated with Bull fighting. At age 11 her uncle sold a bull to the ring not knowing that the young Maria had taken a liking to it in preceding months often visiting its pastures to look at it and sketch it. Its horrific death affected her deeply. Upon becoming a Countess she chose to use her influence and started a national campaign to eradicate all harm being caused to bulls in the ring. Controversy has obviously been sparked as traditionalists refuse to compromise ancient traditions in the face of total bans. The Countess a passionate Spaniard, hopes to find a middle path and proposes an “American Rodeo” style Bull fight were artistic performance of the matador is the goal rather than the torture and death of an innocent animal. She is currently petitioning Queen Maria of Hispania to avert total bans in favour of her proposal. If her efforts become law she will go down in history as the lady who saved the matador and the bull at the same time. So, don’t mess with Donna Maria she will dance circles around you.

The Countess is due to do an Europan tour of Flamenco dancing to raise awareness of her campaign petitioning for the new Bull fighting law. The tour is set to start in the Principality of Swann towards the end of the year with the Duke of Swann’s special support.

 The Countess de Lumbre wearing a Matador fusion Flamenco dress designed for her performances by Madame Frumsetta. She also wears solid 9ct yellow gold hoop earrings designed by the Duke of Swann's Jewellery Workshops. We can see how she resembles the Queen of Hispania almost like a twin sister. 


  1. OMG! This outfit is phenomenal! She wears it well. Was this an outfit that was handmade; from another doll; or just sold as a separate outfit? I am still in awe of it.

    1. This outfit was designed and hand made by a friend of mine. It took a week to make and cost me $350. I made the mantilla comb in the hair from perspex and I also made her real gold earrings at a cost of $150. It's unfortunate that you cannot see the detail of the comb in the hair. Some of my friends in real life get dolls to represent them in my imaginary doll world. My friend Nicole Nesbitt who makes clothes has done many amazing outfits for me. Whenever she has made an outfit, her doll counterpart, Madame Frumsetta gets the credit. Click on the "Madame Frumsetta tag" for more on that character and the clothes she makes.

  2. Thanks for the info. She does incredible work. I never noticed the character tabs before. I will have to take a closer look to some of your characters.

  3. Hello from Spain: I love the Countess of Lumbre. I read that focuses on oil and wine. A business with great future. I love her clothes I really like her personality The clothes she is wearing flamenco and bullfighting is pretty. Did you sewed? It is very beautiful and very Spanish. Keep in touch