Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 6 August 2012

Memory Monday (Crown Prince Imperial Wedding)

As the Crown Prince Imperial's Birthday Ball sparked the revival of Royal culture and public interest, so the wedding of His Imperial Highness to Odeliah Sorgenfry, was the cherry on the new international Royal cake. This wedding did not just bind two people together but also the past with the present and a new generation of the public with all the fantasy and aspiration that only a Royal fairy tale can evoke.
In January 2010 the engagement of the Crown Prince Imperial and Odeliah Sorgenfrei was celebrated in Hanoveria with members of the Crown Prince Imperial's direct family. Odeliah's mother wanted to stay out of the public glare so she celebrated with them separately and privately. The date for the wedding was set for September of 2010.
This wedding was to be the most lavish to date and even though it was not a State affair it has yet to be topped for grandeur.
The official invitation to the Imperial Wedding.

The first arrivals at the wedding were obviously the host and his cousin. The Duke of Swann provided the venue for his cousin's wedding at his Palace in the Swann capital. Next to the Duke is Prince Dillon, the Hereditary Duke of Swann.

Then the other guests began to appear. They included close and distant family and some official Royal guests in honour of the Crown Prince Imperial's courtesy rank which, by the way, is fully recognised within the borders of the Principality of Swann. In the photo above we see from left; The Duchess of Roswind, the Dowager Countess Cartwright and the Earl Cartwright.

From left we see the Dowager Countess von Bismarck, the Baron d'Rothchild, the Dowager Princess of Cataljone representing Hispania with the Infanta Isabella and Gloria Van Der Bilt who later became Queen of Normandia.

Donna Hernanda y Aragon came as the date of Prince Dillon of Swann.

The then, Prince and Princess Karageorgevich who we know today as the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski.

Representing the Ruskian Imperial Family was Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna.
The Crown Prince Imperial's cousins, dressed in the traditional Imperial Gold. From left; Princess Maxima of Hanoveria, Princess Beatrice the Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria, The Grand Duke of Hanoveria and Princess Kirsten of Hanoveria.
The Crown Prince Imperial and his cousin the Duke of Swann await the arrival of the Bride.
The guests wait in anticipation.

Risen on their feet for the arrival of the new Princess Odeliah.
Odeliah with her attendant maids of honour, Princess Augusta and Princess Maxima and the matron of honour, Empress Crystobel.

The wedding was now to begin. No photographs were allowed of the actual ceremony, due to its sacredness. The official photos however will now follow and also serve as our weekly, State Portrait instalment.

The Official Family Photo which included the two Imperial Crowns, alluding to the fact that the bride and groom are actually meant to be reigning Emperor and Empress.

The Bridal Party.

This could be considered as proper a State Portrait as possible without the existence of an actual Empire. The new Crown Princess Imperial in her wedding dress wearing the Imperial Diamond Tiara and posing next to the Empress' Crown of Scot-Britania.

The Imperial Diamond Tiara was thought destroyed in the revolution but even though it wasn't seen for over 12years, it clearly survived.

Their Imperial Highnesses, the Crown Prince Imperial and Crown Princess Imperial.

The full gathering of guests. Two notable absentees were the Seeress of Muren who rarely leaves Muren for any reason and Odeliah's mother.

The Mine magazine sold a record high amount of copies for their exclusive covering the wedding. This event can be considered the true turning point for Royal publicity. Since then a new generation of Royals have established themselves as a vibrant, useful and relevant part of modern society.


  1. What a great wedding. I really enjoy see all the royals dressed in the finest! You know how much I love the jewels!