Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Memory Mondays (Greatest Events of the Past 25 years)

We have found on the blog that sometimes people miss out on some of the posts. It is possible to keep track of which posts get "hit" the most or the ones who register few "hits". For this purpose, to keep the continuity of the stories and the reports going, we have decided to have a quick single run down of the main historic events of the last few decades in a single post in chronological order. This will help the readers who might have missed something and will also group things in order in a single post which will give an overview of the reported history of the Royals.

1986 - Wedding of Queen Crystobel II of Scotney to the Crown Prince of Britania.

1996 - Bloody Revolution topples the United Empire of Scot-Britania

2004 - Duke of Swann is Crowned

2006 - Wedding of the Princess of Wallachia to the Baron Bagrazia

2008 - Wedding of the Prince Karageorgevich (now Grand Duke of Serbieski) and Lady Davina Cartwright

2009 - Crown Prince Imperial's "Coming of Age" Ball held in Muren

2010 - Wedding of the Grand Duke of Hanoveria to Lady Alice D'Rothchild

2010 - Wedding of the Crown Prince Imperial to Odeliah Sorgenfrei

2010 - First Christmas Ball held in 14years

2011 - Largest Gathering of Royalty to date for the Official Royal Family Portrait

2011 - Wedding of Count Nikolas Von Bismarck (now King of Syldavia) to Princess Maxima of Hanoveria

2011 - Restoration of the Normandian Monarchy and Investiture of Queen Gloria

2011 - Second Christmas Ball

2012 - First and to this date only "Heads of the Royal Houses" Meeting and Banquet.

2012 - Duke of Swann's 15th Anniversary on the Throne.

2012 - Restoration of the Syldavian Monarchy and Investiture of King Nikolas III

2012 - Wedding of Queen Gloria of Normandia to the Prince of Northwold

2012 - Fourth and largest Annual Knights Meeting.

Hopefully this post helps to put things in better order and to show readers if they missed any major story. Please use the Labels at the end of this post or the Archive at the right side of the blog to visit the related posts that feature the particular historic event.

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