Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What's Up Wedenesday (Arcwhite Natural Gas Treaty)

There is some controversial current news a brewing between the Islands of Arcwhite and the Grand Duchy of Serbieski. During Lady Arcwhite's State Visit to the Kingdom of Syldavia earlier this year, she also made a stop in Serbieski and met its local leaders concerning potential natural gas trading. The extraction of the gas from Serbieski's off-shore deposits promises great profits but is controversial due to effects on the environment and also as to the distribution of funds by virtue of Serbieski having to share profits with the rest of Syldavia. Serbieski is merely a province of the greater Kingdom of Syldavia but local traditionalists still remember the days of the independent Kingdom of Serbieski.

Lady Arcwhite has called for a meeting between herself and the Grand Duke of Serbieski to continue talks in order to reach final agreement on the topic of the natural gas. Arcwhite is in desperate need of the commodity and has the finances and infrastructure to maximise the use of the gas. The Grand Duke of Serbieski is merely seen as a symbolic leader of the people and holds no political power. He is however running for the office of governor of the province later in August and if he gains that position will be able to sign a trade agreement.

Lady Arcwhite receives the Grand Duke of Serbieski in full State to continue the talks.

The full contingent for the talks included from left; the director of Arcwhite Logistics Viscount Hayz, Lady Arcwhite, Drielle Mormaer, The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski and representing the King of Syldavia, Princess Miranda.

Lady Arcwhite is running one of her signature, "media" campaigns. She really knows how to work a crowd. Meeting the Grand Duke of Serbieski officially and in state gives a lot of weight to his position as representing Serbieski. This will surely get him elected governor and then he may return the favour by signing the deal.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess have come a long way since their exile in the Islands of Arcwhite after the 96 Revolution. They do however genuinely seem to prioritise the needs of their region above all else. Let's hope that the coastline of Serbieski does not get adversely affected by this deal.

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