Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Memory Monday (Crown Prince Imperial Officially Returns as a Citizen of Britania)

2013 has been a year of vast contrasts. In many ways it was the toughest year, financially and personally but in many other ways it was a year of growth, blessing and friendship beyond any year before it. This year began like any other with great prospects and specifically with hopes of new prosperity to rise up against the current economic crunch. Several weddings were being looked forward to and the expected babies of Queen Gloria of Normandia followed by the Von Bismarck heir born to Queen Maxima. However, nobody could have expected the horror of the assassination of Empress Crystobel. The death of this loving mother and international icon sent shock waves through the fiber of international society but the dignified and sincere response of her family during the time of the funeral and to this day is what has set this year apart as an example of the deep potential for nobility within the human heart. 

We now look forward to this years Christmas Ball to be held in the Democratic Republic of Scotney who has chosen to welcome Royalty from the world over along with their own former ruling Dynasty to celebrate the role of Royalty in a modern context as "custodians of history, charity and human dignity" This is by no means a political restoration of the former Kingdom of Scotney but rather a reconciliation between the people of Scotney and their own  past and dignified future. 

A cropped section of the " State" portrait of Prince Christian-Victor, Crown Prince Imperial of Scot-Britania and Crown Prince of Britania commissioned by the Britanian Government to commemorate his ascension to the headship of the Imperial Dynasty of Aldarian after his mother's death. 

In this vein, we want to report on the Crown Prince Imperial who was in the Democratic Rebublic of Britania, neigbour to Scotney, in October on his first official visit as a reinstated, citizen. All exile statusses were lifted folowing the death of his mother, Empress Crystobel.

Prince Christian-Victor was there to accept the government's offer of an official but not political position as ceremonial heirs to the Royal and Imperial lineages and custodians of the related historic treasures. This practically means that; the Prince and his direct family's courtesy titles are accepted but with no political significance within the borders of Britania and Scotney, they will serve nationally as custodians of government appointed museums and art treasures related to Royal history, they will serve officially in an ambassadorial capacity in related matters on the International stage, they will patronize charities of their choice, they will take part in historic celebrations related to national history and regional traditions and that they will have the run of former palaces not destroyed in the revolution being allowed to also live there. The Imperial couple will also have access to the former Imperial jewellery that was saved during the revolution and revealed a few weeks ago. these will be within their custodianship and may be worn to official function within the borders of Britania. 

Two surviving palaces within Britania have been released to the Imperial couple. These will be run as working museums containing art, historic artifacts, and jewellery, to be on display for the public. These Palaces have as yet never been open to the public. Each palace will also have a section cordoned off as a Royal residence.

The Aldarian Palace is a relatively new building built for the King George V of Britania as a weekend retreat a few kilometers outside the capital. The palace sits on a vast estate with formal gardens, wooded forests, a massive lake and also a working dairy farm. All these features will be geared toward public use as soon as the Crown Prince Imperial takes residence within the course of 2014.

The former hunting lodge in the mountainous north of Britania is known as King's Loft  Castle. This Royal palace will also be reconstituted as a venue to be visited by the public. It is situated in a vast nature reserve of which a section will be turned into a chalet style resort hotel in order for patrons to visit the nature reserve, palace and formal gardens.

A truly bitter-sweet moment as the Crown Prince Imperial is welcomed at King's Loft palace by the Chancellor of Britania. The Crown Prince in his acceptance speech mentioned his joy at finding a sanctioned niche in his homeland but still was visibly moved at the mention of his mother's death.

A formal lunch was held in King's Loft to commemorate the historic event. It was hosted by the Chancellor in honour of the Crown Prince Imperial and security was visibly tight.

The Crown Princess Imperial looks on for this photo-op handshake of friendship.

The Crown Princess Imperial chose to wear the Aquamarine earrings from the Britanian Imperial Cache of jewels spared by the Britanian Revolutionary Government. These jewels amongst many others are now available to the Imperial couple for use in Britania.

For a full list and description of the Britanian Imperial Cache follow this link.


However the most poignant and most profound moment of the whole trip to Britania in October was the Crown Prince Imperial's visit to the man who shot his mother. By special request of the Prince and with permission from the government, the assassin consented to the Royal visit. The meeting itself was under the strictest security and for all intents a private one. No media was allowed to even photograph the Prince's arrival; at the high security prison. The Prince in an understandably emotional state also did not grant a press conference.

Frantisek Voorheest, a Syldavian imigrant and former violent offender was found guilty in October for the assasination of the former Empress. He has refused all interviews but did agree to see the Prince. A hero to dissident right wingers but a murderous villain in the eyes of many others one can but guess what the 20 minute meeting between him and the Prince was like.

The Crown Prince Imperial did release a short statement to the press and opted for our blog to be the first to publish it. His Imperial Highness stated: "Mr. Voorheest and I have made our resolute peace. I asked for forgiveness for where my heritage may have added to his cause but I forgive him unconditionally and thank God for our free will." 

The assassin is due to be executed in 2014.


  1. What a wonderful post! It is fantastic to know that the Prince is welcome in his own country again. What a wonderful way in which fate moves - with God clearly in control.

    Mr. Voorheest does not have a lot to look forward to though, unless he truly repents. Glad I'm not in his shoes.

    1. The path of sadness, does not have to end in sadness.

  2. Hello from Spain: the palaces are fabulous. I like the looks Imperial Princess is wearing. Nice pictures. Prince imperial heir forgives the murderer of his mother. he's too nice. Keep in touch.