Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Britania Reveals Imperial Jewellery Thought Lost)

It was announced from the Democratic Republic of Britania in September this year that due to the terrible tragedy of the Empress Crystobel's murder that all sanctions against the former Imperial Family will be lifted, that their exile is rendered null and void and that their former properties and historic art holdings will be returned to their custodianship in service to the nation. As such, several items of Crown Jewellery that had  been thought lost during the 96 Revolution has been released from secret archive for display and use within the borders of Britania and by treaty, in Scotney. Today's post serves to catalogue those historic jewels on our blog. 

The Chancellor of the Britanian Government, Mr Johnson announced the groundbreaking news last month in an official press release concerning the capture of Empress Crystobel's assassin.

The list of preserved historic jewels is a s follows:

The St. Christopher Sapphire Cross. This necklace's manufacture dates from the 1700's but it's sapphires are legendary, said to have been a miraculous manifestation after King Christopher of Britania attempted to make peace with the island of Arcwhite and was killed by the islanders for landing in their domain. The sapphires were apparently the solidified tears of a defected Nun from Arcwhite, who accompanied the King's dead body and prayed in a vigil of repentance for a whole 21 days after his death.

In this Pre-revolution photo we can see Empress Crystobel wearing the famous sapphire necklace. 

The Imperial Aquamarine Parure is made from Gold, Black Rhodium Plated Silver and Grey Pearls. It is set with Aquamarines and Diamonds. The set was made as an entirely modern piece for Empress Crystobel, showcasing Britanian craftsmanship and skill. It was never worn as the Emperor was due to present it as a surprise to his wife on the night of the Roswind Castle massacre. 

The necklace of the First Princess was made as part of a set that includes a tiara. This was intended as the future "first tiara" of a potential daughter of the Imperial couple. It was gifted by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths as a coronation gift. The tiara still exists as it escaped the revolution as part of the jewellery cache that left the country in secret with the fleeing Empress. The hope is that the necklace and tiara will be permanently united again. 

The Drop Pearl Necklace of Queen Elizabeth of Britania. This necklace of exceptional pearls was the property of the Crown Prince Imperial's grandmother, the last "Queen Consort" of Britania. It was forgotten in the former Queen's private chambers and once found was given to government officials who filed it away in the secret archives after the revolution. 

The single strand coronation necklace\bandeau of Scotney. This historic diamond is said to have been present at every coronation in the Kingdom of Scotney since the foundation of the country. It is normally worn by the wife of the King or the Queen Regnant herself. It has rarely been worn as a necklace but finds itself most often worn across the bow of the forehead. The diamond is suspended from a strand of gold spherical beads of equally ancient manufacture and may at times find itself strung in slightly differing configurations. 

Here Queen Crystobel II, later Empress Crystobel is seen wearing the diamond bandeau across her forehead at her wedding. her mother wore it at her coronation and Empress Crystobel wore it at the Imperial Coronation. 

The Imperial Empress' Scepter. Made as the scepter to be used by Empress Crytobel at her coronation, it is set with an exceptionally large drop pearl and a high quality sapphire to link with the Imperial Blue national colours. The scepter was thought destroyed as it did not escape with the other Imperial Regalia to Americania with the Empress. We are glad that it survived and look forward to see it united with the other regalia at some future opportune time. 

The Crown Prince Imperial will take official custodianship of the jewels at a gala dinner to be held in the Britanian Captital somewhere in November 2013.


  1. Hello from Spain: Imperial Scepter of Empress is great. All jewelry are fabulous. Keep in touch

  2. The solidified tears of a nun turning into sapphires ... fantastic! Such depth and artistic flair!