Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Arcwhite Commemorative Statue Unveiled)

This past weekend saw a special and somewhat controversial unveiling take place in Arcwhite. The limelight stealing Lady Arcwhite has ruled the world stage somewhat since the new peace treaty between Arcwhite and the Principality of Swann was signed late in 2012. This year saw her popularity and fame soar to pioneering heights and this past weekend has even added the sphere of "infamy" to her profile.

Looking characteristically spectacular, Lady Arcwhite unveiled, before the world press only (no invited VIP's were present), a new statue in honour of the archetype persona of "the Ladies Arcwhite in Perpetua".

The statue does not represent any particular historic Lady Arcwhite but rather immortalizes the ideology of the Arcwhite ruler as the epitome of Arcwhite history, ideology and values. As such the statue is almost a quintessential expression of what the modern culture might express as the "Ice Queen", resolute and duty bound with a loyalty to her realm that chills the emotions in favour of self sacrificial duty. This however was not what sparked the controversy, that avalanche was triggered by what Lady Arcwhite wore on this very official, world stage event. 

The "Mine" Magazine, owned by Lady Arcwhite, has a business rival in the "Now" Magazine who pounced on the opportunity to slight the reputation of their competition. They published and internationally distributed article denouncing what they referred to as Lady Arcwhite's "Coat of Horror". The now infamous white fur coat, made from polar bear skin that Lady Arcwhite has admitted to hunting herself has given this event the highest publicized rating since the Crown Prince Imperial's Ball in 2009.

The Arcwhite government responded with an official press release, stating that it is a centuries old tradition for a Lady Arcwhite to show her resolve in not being afraid to die for her country by hunting a polar bear singlehandedly before her 12th year on the throne. The Lady is then required to display the trophy as proof of her courage. It was just considered far more modern and stylish by the current Lady Arcwhite to have a fur coat made. As a government, they were not going to forgo national tradition and symbols in the face of modern sentimental opinion. The Lady Chairman of the Veiled Cabinet said: "Lady Arcwhite was not slaughtering Polar Bears into extinction. She merely shot one and that cleanly. Many people hunt for sport and then eat or sell the meat. Many people wear leather shoes. This bear did not go to waste as the photos of her magnificent coat proves." It is believed that Lady Arcwhite might file an international libel lawsuit against the "Now" Magazine. 

The international public opinion however is that of shock at the fact that Lady Arcwhite was not just wearing genuine Polar Bear fur but that she herself shot and killed the hapless creature. Very often cultural conventions is shocking when  placed on the world stage. This fact does not quell the uproar that has ensued from Animal Rights Activists. It is also gossiped that this is just a typical Arcwhite publicity stunt aimed at garnering international fame, even at the cost of infamy which Lady Arcwhite is obviously not scared of. No Government or other Royal has decided to comment on the event as it may infringe on Arcwhite Sovereignty.

As a national event and symbol, it has become a tradition in Arcwhite since the age of photography to publish a photo of the sacrificial bear upon the ceremony of its death. This year, in conjunction with the unveiling of the statue, the digital photo, taken by the scope on the gun was printed in Arcwhite newspapers

Animal Rights Activists have compared this tradition to the still equally controversial bull fights being practiced in rural parts of Hispania where it has been at least abolished as a national cultural event.

Regardless of all the whoo-haa, Lady Arcwhite did look spectacular at the unveiling and did again gain the attention of the entire planet as she solidifies herself and her small country's place in the world as a force to not just be aware of but if nothing else to respect.

Controversial but undeniably impressive. It is one thing to wear this coat in Arcwhite, we have yet to see Lady Arcwhite display the gall of wearing it anywhere else. 


  1. Very controversial indeed, but it is a beautiful coat. That statue is phenomenal.

    1. Thank you for liking the coat. It was specially created for Lady Arcwhite by my friend Stephanie Swart from Dress my Barbie https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dress-My-Barbie/435925043167191?fref=ts

  2. You can always count on Lady Arcwhite to stir the pot of opinion, scandal, controversy and downright audacity!

  3. Hermosa estatua, que guapa se be Barbie.