Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Duke of Swann Visits The Global Jewellery Academy)

This week's post is in favour of a charity organization in South Africania and is officially sanctioned by the organization and the office of the Duke of Swann. 
Few things makes the Duke of Swann happier than to inspire others and this especially in the fields of the arts. For this purpose, His Royal Highness will travel far, to bring his particular flair and experience to those who may find benefit from it. 

The Duke of Swann, as a scholar in the field of jewellery design and manufacture and as a jewellery business owner, decided to put his clout behind the Global Jewellery Academy situated in Lenasia just south west of Johannesburg South Africania. The idea was to lecture in fields where the academy might require at his expertise and also to bring some publicity to the organization through his involvement and this blog.

The Royal Car transporting the Duke of Swann arrived at the school early last week Wednesday without any fanfare as His Royal Highness was there to work, not to gather flowers and listen to national anthems. 

The Global Jewellery Academy for People with Disabilities is a Section 21 Organization making it an official and government sponsored charity. It also adheres to national regulations on education making it able to qualify its learners. 

Jennifer Becker is the Madame Chairman of the entire organization and is seen here casually greeting her Royal visitor like the friend he is. 

On this his first visit, the Duke of Swann made an effort to meet as many of the people working and learning at the GJA. Helani Mvoki in the center, is a Tutor and Nthabiseng Ndhlovu at the far right, is the resident Sign Language Translator. The School currently caters primarily for deaf students but have some with other disabilities.

The facilities, though humble, are quite large, neat and more than fulfills the current needs. The lease however expires in about a year and there are no indications as yet from the Municipality whether it will be renewed. This concern is high on the agenda to be dealt with. 

Several offices, lecture halls and workshops are available to the more than 50 students and staff.

The Duke of Swann was impressed by the neatness and working practicality of the facilities. 

Here is one of the jewellery manufacturing workshops where the deaf students among some with learning disabilities acquire their trade.

Here two students demonstrate the melting of precious metal.

Shakeek Solomon, the Tutor in Jewellery Mould Making, demonstrates a cleaning procedure utilizing high pressure air. 

Here we can see some of the molds used in jewellery casting. 

The rubber "blocks" are moulds used to create wax images of the jewellery that trough a lengthy process gets cast into whatever precious metal the client requires. 

After his tour and a quick introductory lecture on jewellery design, the Duke reports to the lady in charge who never seems to take a break from her responsibilities, not even for a VIP. 

However, the Duke of Swann did insist on making a verbal report of his day and that required some coffee and biscuits. 

Accountability satisfied and future plans being placed on the table the Duke of Swann ended his day very excited about the continued relationship between himself and the GJA. The coffee was also very nice. 

For more information on the Global Jewellery Academy please email Jennifer Becker at jbecker@satholdings.co.za

Also visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/gjacademmy?fref=ts

For financial contributions use:
FNB Northcliff branch 283708 acc 62248168321

The Duke of Swann looks forward to his involvement at the academy and to see it go from strength to strength. We will report on future events as they happen. Thank you to our fans for you support. 


  1. So glad to see that Royalty is willing to get their hands dirty. Amazing work! Sets a standard for other Royals to follow - an example of what plain common hard work can accomplish.

  2. Interesting post Daniel! I didn't know about rubber blocks. I put a LIKE on Global Jewellery Academy Facebook page

    1. Thank you Sergio for your continued support of my blog and for liking the FB page.

  3. I love seeing "The Royals" getting involved with various events. I'm sure he will help launch the academy to where it needs to be.

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