Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Grand Opening of Swann Art Gallery)

Last weekend saw the belated but now much celebrated opening of the new Swann Royal Art Gallery. The event was hosted by the Duke of Swann who also exhibited his own art as part of the inaugural run of the gallery. 

The brand new state of the art gallery in the capital of the Principality of Swann promises to boost the arts in the small country as a first priority. However this initiative also hopes to showcase art from across the world in an effort to support the fine arts. 

The event was coordinated by Marelize von Engelbrecht. This close friend of the Duke of Swann and the curator of the Royal Art Collection has been closely involved with the development of the Art Gallery from its inception. 

The host arrived first in order to open the gallery and to welcome all the guests. 

Inside, the neutral colour scheme resonates with the outside of the gallery and gives it a calm if not slightly clinical feel. This is meant to to focus all attention on the art that is displayed inside. Here we see the arrival of the Crown Princess Imperial.

The opening included more of the Duke's friends than political or business associates. They did however include very wealthy and influential people. Here we see from left the Shahbanou of Perlistan and Princess Donatella of Romagna. 

The Lady Arcwhite has an interest in art collecting and sent her young business representative, Viscount Hays and his partner Donna Hernanda y Aragon to "scout" the exhibition. 

The Duke of Swann and Marelize von Engelbrecht open the gallery officially after the Duke of Swann's speech. 

One of the featured works of the Duke of Swann is this pencil sketch of a Spanish dancer, miraculously dancing herself from within a rose. It is called Her Name is Fearsome. 

This sketch juxtaposes the concept of joyful dancing with the thorny beauty of the rose. Spanish dancing does not just express the happy side of life but also the deep passions and even sorrow. The dress and fire also allude to the traditional train at the end of these dancing dresses. 

Princess Kirsten Youssopoff was interested in her cousin's football inspired painting. 

The painting symbolizes the concept of teamwork. In football every member of the team has a role and a relationship with and towards his teammates. What he does with the ball and how he does it is his highest priority. It is not about his own agenda but often passes the ball to a teammate rather than purely scoring. What will you do with the ball when life expects you to play in response to your fellow man? 

The Duke of Swann's aunt, the Dowager Princess of Wallachia was for obvious reasons interested in this Swann family related pencil sketch. 

The swan is the symbol of the Principality of Swann and the Duke's personal insignia. The subtle symbolism of the "ugly duckling" however has very special meaning to His Royal Highness. This makes this particular work the focal point of this very personality revealing exhibit. 

The Princess of Romagna was interested in buying this almost psychedelic water colour. 

This work called "Infinite Twirling" is meant to represent spinning whilst dancing. Attemting to express the beauty of movement in dance through the interpretation of line and color as seen from above. At the same time it very obviously exemplifies the famous "golden ratio".

This work is called the Right Hand of God. That should say it all. 

It is said that the most significant artwork for an artist to do, would be a self portrait. This approach expresses a very academic perspective and thus the self portrait becomes a concept of vanity. However in paradigm, I felt that if God existed He would be the ultimate artist and would have manifested His art in creating us, His mirror reflection  Thus He/God wanted me to do a self portrait as a mirror-like representation of Him/God painting us. As if we are the mirror/art work being created by God, reflecting God. As you look at this painting you should see yourself as the artwork being “painted by God”. The painting is called; “You are God’s self portrait.”

This painting is a progression from the former picture. In this painting we need to realize that God is indeed the artist painting us BUT that He is God, glorious in power and if He was to “paint” us it would be with fire!

One cannot fly without resistance. This painting is meant to "prophetically" envision the success of the art even in the face of strong opposition. This extends to the success of the Principality of Swann's new gallery. 


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like the opening ceremony of the exhibition. They're all very elegant guests. The framed picture is my favorite swan. All paintings are very creative and artistic. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you Marta. If you or anyone else wishes to make prints of the art for use in your blogs you may. It will be my honour to see the art I do displayed on the walls of my friends doll dioramas.

  2. Great photos the art work is excellent.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment. I am glad you enjoy it.

  3. Who - hoo!! Love them all!! I'm practicing in building dioramas, I hope to become good enough so I can add some of your beautiful arts :-)

    1. that would be such an honour Sergio. Feel free to download and print these artworks of mine. I would love to see how your dioramas turn out. Also, I haven't forgotten about your doll character. I have just been short on cash so haven't gotten to buying a doll yet. :)