Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 27 May 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Reset Emeralds)

Earlier this year the Duke of Swann suffered the loss of  the historic Emerald Parure in the Swann Jewellery Collection after a daring heist. After the initial local police and Interpol investigations some of the lost jewels were recovered but the rest were confirmed broken up and sold on the black market to finance what was presumed to be the terrorist group responsible for many separatist activity within the Syldavian province of Serbieski. 

The original parure, now known to be destroyed after the theft in order to sell the gems on the black market was of historic importance, political value and extremely costly. The parure was recently featured in a documentary on the historic jewels in the Duke of Swann's collection but other than that has not seen the light of day for decades. 

The broken parts of the parure that were recovered by the police during their investigation and subsequent S.W.A.T. strike on the black market illegal trade. 

The good news however is that the Princess Marie Elizabeth of Swann, the reigning Duke's sister was seen wearing a new aigrette style tiara made from the recovered gems and paired with the surviving earrings to the Roof Wetting Party at Sorgenfrei Castle recently. The tiara is convertible into a necklace. It is sad that the original parure has been destroyed but it seems the best was made of a bad situation. The Duke of Swann apparently has bequeathed the set of jewellery in his will as is, to be sold after his death and the money raised to be given to orphanages in Serbieski. 


  1. Hello from Spain: I like these tiaras. Mary Elizabeth Swann is very elegant with jewels recovered. Keep in touch

  2. How much time takes doing a jewellery recover?

    1. Hi Sergio. Where have you been? We missed you. This whole jewellery theft story took about 4 months. It is still not entirely resolved as there are some unsolved mysteries surrounding the theft.