Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Lost to History Part 4 The Kent Diamond Tiara and the Lancaster Diamond Choker)

Today we will discuss a tiara and a necklace. The one is a tiara imbued with historic provenance and the other was a necklace famous for its intrinsic value.

The tiara that has been lost to history is the Kent Diamond Tiara. Presumed to be another casualty of the 1996 Revolution, this tiara should otherwise have been part of Queen Gloria of Normandia's inheritance as it belonged to her maternal grandmother the Duchess of Kent. It was originally a betrothal gift given to Queen Gloria's grandmother by the Duke of Kent. The tiara was last seen at the wedding of Queen Crystobel I of Scotney and Crown Prince Christian of Britania in 1986.

This very old archive photo shows the the Kent Diamond Tiara in close detail. Its current whereabouts are unknown and it might even be destroyed. It is rumoured that Queen Gloria has an antique broker scouring the market for its location and possible purchase.

The Duke and Duchess of Kent seen at the 1986 wedding of Queen Crystobel II of Scotney to the Crown Prince of Britania. The Duchess can be seen wearing the tiara in question.

The necklace we are featuring has a tragic history as it was only worn once. It was made specifically to be worn for the first time at the now famous 1986 Royal Wedding. It was never worn again. It has just faded into the obscurity that followed the 96 Revolution and is not among the other jewels inherited by the Duchess of Lancaster. 

The Lancaster Fringe Choker as it was photographed for the archives of the company who manufactured it for the Duke and Duchess of Lancaster. The piece was to become a central feature of the large Lancaster collection but is not a part of the current collection any more. No records of what happened to it exists. 

The Duke and Duchess of Lancaster, with the Duchess wearing the spectacular Lancaster Diamond Choker.  The necklace was designed to resemble a galaxy of stars spiraling around the wearers neck. It is a great loss that this piece cannot be appreciated in real life today. 


  1. YAY!! Finally I can see your blog!! Miss you so much!! Blogger is becoming more and more odd, bha?!
    What happened to the Lancaster Fringe Choker? Does anyone find it?

    Ah, the old good Ken dolls!! I'm managing tons of vintage Mattel dolls in these past months and I can see the differences.

    Now I take a look to the previuos posts ;-)

    1. I am so glad you are back. i was worried that something really bad happened.

    2. The fringe necklace went missing after the 1996 revolution.