Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Duke of Swann's State Visit to Hanoveria)

The Duke of Swann emabarked on a two day State Visit to the Grand Duchy of Hanoveria on Monday the 20th of May 2013. Due to the political importance of the State Visit, His Royal Highness could not attend the nuptials of the Duchess of Roswind in Muren 3 days prior. The State Visit was a short one intending to strengthen the friendly diplomatic relations between the two nations but especially to show Swanobian solidarity as far as the Hanoverian stance towards the bombing incident in Serbieski less than two months ago is concerned. The Duke of Swann is also to tour extensive building and restoration projects in the capital as many collaborative construction projects in Hanoveria are shared by Swanobian companies. 

The Duke of Swann also had personal reasons for visiting his cousin the Grand Duke of Hanoveria and managed to take some family time amidst his busy schedule. He was joined by his sister, Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann for the State Banquet hosted by their cousin in the Royal Palace of Hanoveria on the first night of the State visit..

Princess Marie-Elizabeth and the Duke of Swann arrive for the State Banquet held in their honour. 

Even though Hanoveria's monarchy could be seen as the most relaxed and down-to-earth in all of Europa, State Visits received in the Grand Duchy are afforded extreme protocol. As such dress code for these events are more formal than in other countries to the extent of full Court Dress. Ladies are required to wear ball gowns and tiaras with orders of Knighthood and men are expected to wear uniforms or court attire. 

Before the State Dinner and speeches, the main VIP's posed for a group photo as is standard at any State Visit. Here we see from left; Princess Marie-Elizabeth, the Duke of Swann, the Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hanoveria. 

Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, the Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria is the sister of the Duke of Swann's deceased mother. She insisted on being present at the banquet even though she has suffered severe illness of late. We wish her good health and strength in this trying time.

On the Duke of Swann's State visit to Hanoveria he also had a personal matter to attend to. This surprise came unexpectedly when the Grand Duke of Hanoveria, took the Duke on a tour of a part of the capital city being extensively renewed. 

Weeks before the Swanobian State visit the Grand Duke of Hanoveria was made aware of  a strange container in one of his warehouses by the architectural team who was commissioned to rework the buildings into modern apartments. The container was clearly marked as the property of the Duke of Swann but was obviously meant for postage decades earlier but never left the country. This strange and gross oversight will be investigated for historical purposes once the current Duke of Swann takes ownership of the container and its contents. It is suspected that the container has been forgotten in the warehouse since the time of the Great War early in the 20th century. As such it's contents and indeed the reason for it being overlooked might be of extreme historic relevance.

The Hanoverian Royal family owns several historic buildings. The particular warehouse was built at the turn of the last century, originally to store necessary equipment and tools used during set-ups for major Royal events like parades and Royal tea parties. Goods like tents, scaffolding, carpets street decorations and the like were stored but decades later the buildings were left empty as their use became redundant due to modern requirements and technology.

This warehouse was set to be refurbished for new avante garde apartments. It was during the initial clean up that the crew discovered the basement containing the lost container.

This old period photo shows the Royal warehouse as it was used during the Great War to store war relief supplies.

The Grand Duke of Hanoveria guided his cousin the Duke of Swann to what is now accepted as his property.

The sealed container had clear marking indicating that it is the property of the Duke of Swann and that it was meant to be shipped to the principality more than 50 years ago.

The Grand Duke of Hanoveria officially handed over the container to the Duke of Swann.  It is to be moved to the Duke of Swann's Hanoverian Residence, Schloss Schwanstein, where it will be opened to the press. The very exiting event will be published here on the blog in the next Memory Monday blog post. What on earth could be inside???

So the Duke of Swann concluded his official and personal trip to Hanoveria. The next few days would be spent planning the great reveal in private as he relaxed at Schloss Schwanstein.


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