Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Castle Sorgenfrei Roof Wetting Party and Surprise Unveiling)

This past weekend saw the slightly belated "Roof Wetting Party" held in Muren to inaugurate the new private residence of the Crown Prince Imperial couple. The Crown Prince Imperial announced his formal moving from the United States of Americania to Sorgenfrei Castle in Muren last month. 

The Imperial couple want to start a family and thought the picturesque natural surroundings and slower pace of rural Muren would be ideal. Princess Odeliah has extended family who live in the Muren Municipality and the Crown Prince Imperial has strong links with the Seeress of Muren

The former Fort of Muren will now be called Sorgenfrei Castle after The Princess Odeliah's family, the Sorgenfrei dairy farmers of Muren. The fort was abandoned several decades ago but has been restored by special agreement with the Muren Municipality to serve as a Royal residence, historic landmark and museum. Prince Christian-Victor hopes to not just create a home but also to give back to society by managing a museum featuring the history of the region. The museum will be open to the public whenever the couple are not in residence and the specially created conference and party facilities will be available for booking of weddings and other events. The old chapel was meticulously restored and converted to serve as ball room slash wedding venue with the intent and generating more business in order to maintain the vast property. 

First to arrive at the "new" castle for the party was the Duke of Swann, accompanied by his family and the Seeress of Muren. The Duke had been visiting the Seeress for the Easter holiday season and the party at the castle matched both their schedules perfectly, not to mention that the castle is a mere 20minutes drive from the Town of Muren itself. 

The Seeress, a close family friend and a surrogate mother for many from the Imperial Family leans forward to embrace Princess Odeliah. 

Princess Marie Elizabeth of Swann wore the remaining emeralds from the stolen Syldavian Emerald Parure. She wore what seems to be a brand new tiara made from some of the emeralds that were broken out of the original set during the theft. 

The Crown Prince Imperial's aunt, Princess Augusta, arrived looking stunning in a glitzy purple Barbie International original. 

Next to arrive The Crown Prince Imperial's cousin, Queen Maxima and her husband King Nikolas III of Syldavia.

Queen Maximas's sister, Princess Kirsten, arrived on the arm of her husband, Prince Felix Youssopoff. 

Then their brother the Grand Duke of Hanoveria, his wife and mother. The Grand Duke's mother, Princess Beatrice (in green) has been ill of late but felt it important enough to attend this great family affair. 

The arrival of Empress Crystobel, the Crown Prince Imperial's mother, was heralded to everybody's initial surprise with an actual fanfare. It was performed by the Muren Police Band. 

When a family gathering includes, three Heads of State, three of the wealthiest people on earth and someone who reputedly can see the future then it makes for a very influential gathering albeit merely a family getting together to party like any other. It is rare that the extended Imperial Family gets together privately so family photos was at the order of the day.

The Imperial Family itself. 

The Royal Family of Swann.

The Royal Family of Hanoveria.

The extended Royal Family of Hanoveria includes the King of Syldavia and Prince Youssopoff by marriage. 

The Seeress of Muren with her host the Crown Prince Imperial, Christian-Victor.

A surprise however was in store even for the close family. A strange covered dome had been looming in the centre of the new ballroom all night and at the right moment was unveiled as the main attraction to the Museum of Sorgenfrei. It was the Imperial Crown Jewels of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. The historical jewels are to reside in Sorgenfrei Castle permanently as its main drawing card. This will generate publicity, tourism and boost not only the popularity of the new museum and wedding venue but indeed the entire economy of Muren itself. The Crown Jewels haven't been seen or used since the wedding of the Crown Prince Imperial in 2010. Security around the priceless display will be, as expected, of the highest standard. 

The Crown Jewel display is unveiled. 

We will feature the Crown Jewels of the United Empire of Scot-Britania in a feature of their own. So watch out for that particular "Tiaras and trinkets on Tuesday" instalment.

This family portrait sums up the evening's events and we look forward to many more functions and weddings to be held at this new and centrally located Royal residence. 

The Mine magazine was granted exclusive coverage of the otherwise entirely private affair.


  1. Wow, those new crown jewels are amazing! Love how you displayed them. Great job. That white floral dress is beautiful, too.

    1. Thanks Vanessa. The dress is meant to inspire a Swiss feel considering the venue. By the way the Crown Jewels might be new on the blog but they date from just before the revolution so are not really new in principle. :)

  2. The Seeress of Muren has a Lady GaGa appeal with that black band on her eyes.
    I do love how you displayed Crown Jewels too!!

    1. Read her profile to see why she wears it. http://daniel-s-world.blogspot.com/2012/05/to-be-or-not-to-be-thursday-seeress-of.html