Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Memory Monday (Style Icons Part 3 Princess Xenia of Wallachia)

For the time being this will be our last of three installments on Icons of Style.

Her Serene Highness Princess Xenia Draculesti, Grand Princess of Wallachia and Baroness Bagrazia, is the ruler of the ancient Principality of Wallachia. She is a first cousin of the Duke of Swann and a distant cousin to the Duchess of Lancaster. Strictly speaking, Wallachia could and should be termed a kingdom by virtue of its size but ancient traditions are  hardly ever changed in this old worldly nation. The title of Prince has thus carried over from its initial inception as a mere tribal chief for over a thousand years. The current reigning monarch has a lot of respect for her country's people and a great appreciation for their, and her, ingrained traditions. This aspect also gains a lot of expression even in the style choices this very elegant and prudent monarch applies in her outfits. Unassuming yet completely confident, the sober and sensitive approach to elegance employed by Princess Xenia, never fails to attract the attention to her office and role as Head of State to a great and ancient culture.

For her first State Portrait taken when the Princess "re-entered" the public sphere in 2011, she chose a little know local designer to create this gypsy inspired black gown with traditional embroidered detail. The embroidery served to lend colour to a somber dress and link this contemporary monarch to the history and culture of her country. The amazing jewellery collection with strong historic links only serves to enhance the well though through style of the Princess. 

From the top left we see the Princess wearing a dark blue creation by her in-house designer at a gala in Pariseum in 2011, then a glitzy Barbie International to the 2011 Christmas Ball, another unknown designer was used for the State Visit to Normandia and finally a purple "punk" inspired Madame Frumsetta to the Principality of Swann.

Although the Princess is most often seen in dark shades and in purple, she is not averse to bright colours or even white. Also often buying from a designer label will mean that different Royals end up with the same dress. Here at left the Princess wears a dress that was also worn before by Queen Maria, and at right a Barbie International number that has also been worn by other famous VIP's.  Even though the odd "same dress" situation does occur, individual Royals will add accessories or touches to put their stamp on an otherwise designer label dress. 

More dark shades and purple was seen in 2012. Madame Frumsetta has a very distinctive flair that often suits the look of a "mysterious" Princess. Starting from the top left we see the Madame Frumsetta original worn to last year's Christmas Ball, then a Barbie International metallic purple mini, a black traditional Wallachian inspired ball gown to the 2012 Birthday Ball, then a rare appearance in turquoise for a fashion show. Finally we see a dark grey velvet mini worn to the Annual Knight's Meeting. 

Wearing clothes more than once is not a problem for real Royalty who believe in not wasting money. The dress made for the Princess' 2012 State Portrait has already been used twice and will perhaps see even more outings. 

The thrifty Princess often wears clothes more than once and mixes and maches elements to create more variety. 

We have already seen two major public appearances of Princess Xenia in 2013. At left as she appeared in blue for the Summit Meeting in Serbieski and at right in a gold Barbie International for the Hanoverian State Visit. 

We hope to see much more of this elegant monarch in future and know that she will not disappoint. 


  1. I see her in a gown like this:


    I love Alberta Ferretti!!

    1. She would look great in a dress like that. Now, where to get one?