Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Memory Mondays (Style Icons Part 2 Princess Augusta of the United Empire of Scot-Britania)

Today we continue our series on remembering icons of style.

Being an Imperial Princess has its advantages when it comes to the style department and Princess Augusta has used every opportunity to express her style and glamour. She was born a Royal Princess of the Kingdom of Britania that amalgamated with Scotney into a United Empire. Her father was King, then her brother Emperor but regardless of the privilege of being Royal even today, 18 years after the revolution, her family remains one of the wealthiest in the world. If the Empire had to be restored her nephew would be its Emperor but Augusta has never waited for things to come to her. Her international jewellery business has kept her on the forefront of style and in direct contact with the upper echelons of society as becoming to a princess of her rank, albeit in pretense. She has lived her life to the full, in business and pleasure without setting a foot out of place as far as scandal goes. However she has also definitely left her mark in the field of fashion as we will see today. 

Like most Royals after the revolution, Augusta went through a season of austerity shunning the public glare but  the resurgence of Royal popularity was partly due to her design. The 2009 Imperial Birthday Ball held in honour of her nephew was her idea and was literally orchestrated to relaunch the image of Royalty as a whole. For this event, as Mistress of Ceremonies she had to look the part and her best.

At left we see Augusta at the aforementioned 2009 Crown Prince Imperial Ball and at right at the 2011 Christmas Ball. At both events the Princess chose full length ball gowns and impressive historic jewels. 

In this official portrait, the Princess chose to remember her byzantine inspired dress from the 2009 birthday event but paired it with a tiara belonging to the Imperial Crown Jewel Collection. The Tiara is reserved for the closest female related princess to the "Emperor". Augusta owns her own very impressive jewelry collection but has family rights to wear some pieces from the Crown Jewels even though they are not her property.

We have come to expect flawless style from Princess Augusta regardless of the dress code requirements of the events she attends. She seemingly pulls off "sleek" and modern just as well as she pulls off traditional or even fairy princess.

From left; a shockingly yellow number for a 2009 Movie Premiere,a  pink ball gown for a 2009 Private Function for Augusta's friends and glitzy black with simple lines for the 2009 Christmas Family Gathering. 

From left; a Barbie International Design white gown for the very formal 2010 Knight's Meeting, a genuine "fairy princess" for the 2010 Fairy Tale Charity Function and finally turquoise and faux fur for the 2010 Christmas Ball.

The Princess is not beyond repeating clothes. This she believes saves money and also sets an example of thriftiness. In this endeavor she also gives clothes to charity or sells the expensive ones at auction to raise funds for charity. 

From left; in 2009 at the Hispanian Royal Wedding in 2010 at the Crown Prince Imperial's Birthday, in 2010 at a Movie Premiere and in 2012 at the Syldavian Jewellery Gift Ceremony where she presented new jewels to Queen Maxima.

From left; wearing dramatic burgundy and black rose print to the 2011 Investiture of Queen Gloria of Normandia, stylish black at a 2011 Movie Premiere and a gold Barbie International for the 2011 Family Portrait

Black is always a winner and if the dress is simply styled and full length it can lend itself to almost any evening function. 

Every girl has a plain black number and here Princess Augusta gets our first prize for undeniable style paired with unassuming Royal status at the 2011 Knights Gathering. The red sash indicates that the Princess is a member of the most prestigious Order of the Diamond Star. 

At work the Princess also exudes effortless style. Here we see her assisting the Duchess Di Giorgio at her jewellery store in 2012.

2012 has been a year truly reminiscent of past Royal glory although sufficiently tempered by contemporary practicality. Princess Augusta has taken more of a back seat of late, having played her role in setting the stage for her nephew and the younger generation of Royals.

 From left; in a personal revamp of a Barbie International at the 2012 Crown Prince Imperial Birthday Ball, pink velvet for the 2012 Knight's Meeting and chic in pink again for the 2012 Ophiri Official Visit to the Big Apple in Americania.

The two greatest Royal functions of 2012 and perhaps in recent history has been the Investiture of King Nikolas III and Queen Maxima of Syldavia and the groundbreaking Christmas Ball attended by the Duke of Swann in Arcwhite. For these important events Princess Augusta had to dress to the hilt representing the Imperial Family.

From left at the 2012 Christmas Ball and at the 2012 Investiture in Syldavia. 

Princess Augusta has been a strong support to her nephew and indeed the principle of Royalty, especially in the troubled times that they have faced. She has been a pillar of consistency and strength, everything a genuine Princess should be. If you take away her crown you will still not see anything other than real Royalty. 


  1. Hello from Spain: Nice pictures. Augusta is a very elegant princess. She has a nice collection of dresses and jewelery .. Keep in touch

  2. I really love the byzantine inspired dress

    1. It is one of my favourites. I found it at a Chinese Market and it cost US$2. It was a miracle.