Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Argyle/Dysart Wedding)

Today is the day we have been waiting for. The much publicised engagement of the Duke of Argyle and Countess Dysart has finally reached its climax.

The anticipated wedding of the Duke of Argyle and the Countess Dysart has arrived. It is also the grandest social event of the Nobility of Scotney for many decades. The former Kingdom of Scotney, a member state of the dissolved United Empire of Scot-Britania has become very accepting of its traditional Nobility since the resurgence of Royal popularity. The current democratic government has welcomed its former Queen, Empress Crystobel on several occasions and also officially apologised for the disaster of the 96 Revolution. This wedding will cement the role of the Nobility and former Royal family in the minds of contemporary Scotney on at least the level of celebrity if not on the level of a Royal Restoration. It promises also to open new doors for the roles of Nobility in contemporary society.

The picture above shows the Dysart Wedding Chapel at the Castle of Glen Coe, where the ceremony took place. The religious service was not photographed due to its sacredness.

After the  ceremony in the castle chapel the bridal couple and guests posed for photos in the castle foyer while they had drinks and then moved to the banqueting hall for the private dinner reception. The wedding was very intimate and included friends and family from either side but the dress code did still require tiaras to be worn.
Vicount Hayz, a friend and business associate of the Duke of Argyle was accompanied by Donna Hernanda y Aragon. They have been publicly dating for several months. 

The Earl Cartwright, a cousin of Countess Dysart attended with Madame Mairi D'Bacquemme.

Here we see the  friends of the bridal couple from right, the famous theater director and art dealer, Mrs Marelize Von Engelbrecht, the nightclub owner, Miss Sable Blackwood and arriving from the Big Apple, Mr. Ken Carson and Miss Barbie Roberts. 

In the picture above we see the celebrity guest and owner of the famous Barbie International fashion company, Miss Barbara (Barbie) Roberts and her partner for years Ken Carson. Miss Roberts is said to have borrowed the tiara she wore in her newly coloured brunette hair from a "Royal friend". 

Another relation and member of the former Nobility of the United Empire is the Duke of Marlboro who arrived alone. 

The wedding was giving a strong "official" flavour with the attendance of the ruling Duke of Swann who is a friend of the bridal couple. He was also joined by his aunt and former Queen of Scotney and Empress of the United Empire, Empress Crystobel. The Empress is also a good friend of the couple but understands the importance of the event as to furthering the popularity of monarchy in Scotney. 

The Duke of Swann is photographed with another one of his good friends, Miss Sable Blacwood. It has been suspected that theirs is more than just a mere platonic relationship or business. 

Finally the bridal party arrives. The Duke and now officially, the Duchess of Argyle enter the foyer followed by Lady Ferrox, the bride's sister as bride's maid. 

Barbie curtsies to the new Duchess of Argyle while Ken bows as they greet their friends. 

The full compliment of guests pose for a group photo.

Their Graces, The Duke and Duchess of Argyle.

Above we see the only publicised photo of the reception. This was taken after the banquet when the bridal couple opened the dance floor. The detailed photo also clearly depicts the Argyle Family Tiara which is symbolically worn by the new Duchess on her wedding. She paired it with her new necklace gifted from the Duke of Swann and earrings from the Dysart Family Collection.  

We wish the happy couple all the best and we will also try our best to remember to call our Countess, Duchess from now on. 


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful wedding pictures and guests. The outfits are very stylish. I really like the dress of the bride. Thanks for letting me know. Keep in touch

    1. Hope you liked what I picked out for "your" dolls??

  2. This is So much fun! I Love all your dolls and their clothes! I am fascinated by all the "History of the Royalty"!!!

    1. It makes me happy when people enjoy my blog. Thank you so much for the compliment and feel free to make comments.

  3. Glamour and gossip! Love them!

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