Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wonderful Weekends (Portrait of Shahbanou Sheherezad of Perlistan)

We haven't had a "Portrait Sunday" in a while so here we go with another rarity. This photo albeit not a State Portrait in the strict sense, was taken in the late 1930's and is of the current Shahbanou's grandmother. What makes the photo interesting to our historic jewellery viewers is that she is wearing the full Pahlavi Parure inclusive of the magnificent necklace which is currently owned by Lady Arcwhite. As the set has been separated and for the fact that the current Shahbanou in pretence is rarely seen at public galas, we will probably never see the whole set together again.

Her Imperial Majesty the Shahbanou Sheherezad of Perlistan.

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  1. Hello from Spain: I love that picture. Imperial Majesty the Shahbanou Sheherezad of Perlistan is very elegant. Keep in touch