Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Sorgenfrei Castle)

The Crown Prince Imperial announced his formal moving from the United States of Americania today in a special press conference in Muren. His Imperial Highness feels its time to "live amongst Europans and to be in the same atmosphere". The Prince, originally thought dead by the world after the 96 Revolution, grew up in secret in the Switzer Confederation, then moved to live with his mother in Americania after the reality of them surviving the revolution was announced in 2009

After more than two years of marital bliss, the Crown Prince Imperial couple want to start a family and thought the natural surroundings and slower pace of rural Muren would be ideal. Princess Odeliah has extended family who live and work on the Sorgenfrei dairy farm close to the town. The Crown Prince Imperial surprised his wife with the news of having bought a permanent residence in Muren on a private visit to her family last week.

The extremely picturesque Muren Mountains with the former Fort of Muren vaguely visible in the centre on the distant ridge.

The couple have maintained a pseudo-nomadic lifestyle since their move to Americania. They have moved between their apartments in the Big Aplle, the family farm in Muren and residences in Swann and Hanoveria. Most recently, they were officially welcomed back in the former Kingdom, now Republic of Scotney. However they are still officially exiled from Britania. These two countries combined formed what would have been the Crown Prince Imperial's Empire if the 96 Revolution did not topple the monarchy. 

Fort Muren was built during the gradual build up of tensions in Europa before the Great War. It was essentially built using the "framework"of a much older medieval castle that used to dominate the valley. The building served as an army barracks after the war and as peace settled more and more it was abandoned. Prince Chritian-Victor bought the property in 2010 without his wife's knowledge and began restorations and alterations, turning it into a palatial home and regional museum displaying the region's history.

 In this photo the Prince and Princess view the spectacular scenery outside the small town of Muren with their new home being pointed out by the Prince.

The former Fort of Muren will now be called Sorgenfrei Castle. It was abandoned several decades ago but has been bought and restored by special agreement with the Muren Municipality to serve as a Royal residence, historic landmark and museum . Prince Christian-Victor hopes to not just create a home but also to give back to society by managing a museum which will be open to the public whenever the couple are not in residence.

The distinctive lines of the former fort makes for a dream location for the young couple's new home. We can expect a small intimate Roof Wetting Party for family and friends at Sorgenfrei Castle in the next few weeks. We congratulate the Prince and Princess and wish them all the best as the settle in Muren.


  1. Hello from Spain: I like landscapes of Muren. It's a nice place to spend long periods of rest. I'm glad the Imperial Crown Prince has a house on that site. I really like these pictures. Keep in touch

  2. Hello again: I've posted a post dedicated to your blog. I hope you like it. Thanks for everything. Keep in touch

    1. I LOOOOOOOVE IT. Tnx so much. All my fans here must go check out Marthas's blogpost where she mentions the Royalty from this blog and uses the Mine Magazine in her dioramas. http://all4barbie.blogspot.com/2013/03/barbie-en-el-gotha-europeo.html?showComment=1363209240725#c7483632143875270498