Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Breaking News (Serbieski Bombing Latest)

Yesterday, Europa was shocked at the news of the Serbieski Power Plant Bombing. Three explosions went off during the highly publicized tour of the plant by the Grand Duke of Hanoveria, accompanied by Royal delegates from Wallachia and Serbieski. Official reports confirm that nobody was injured and that nominal damage was done to storage areas only at the brand new Natural Gas Refinery. Investigations are underway as to who might be responsible but due to Serbieski's volatile political history and current Syldavian anti-monarchist protests the bombing could be assumed to be political.

The Proclaimer wasted no time in leading the world media in reporting on the event.

The Hanoverian Grand Duke's tour was poised to attract much needed media attention to the sensitive political atmosphere surrounding the Power Plant and the indeed the entire region of Serbieski on the border of Wallachia. The natural environment has been claimed to be adversely affected by the plant but its economic impact has made it impossible to cancel or even stall its construction and operation. These factors combine with Serbieski's turbulent history which may have given political factions or environmental activists the motivation for the bombing. 

The Wallachian Minister of Defence was first to release a press statement on behalf of the Princess and the government of Wallachia. The Princess's husband, the Baron Bagrazia was with the Royal tour when the explosions went off. The Minister stated, that he is deeply concerned for the tensions on the border between Wallachia and the Syldavian Province of Serbieski. He also denounced the effects the Power Plant has had on the Wallachian Coastline. Wallachian support was offered in the investigations that would hopefully lead to those responsible. The Princess of Wallachia was quoted as being greatly relieved that nobody was hurt. 

The Governor of Serbieski and Chairman of the Natural Gas Directorate, Grand Duke Paul of Serbieski spoke to the media minutes after the bombings from the Governor's Offices. He pledged the support of his office to the investigations and denounced what he called an obvious terrorist attack aimed at destabilizing Serbieski peace and the Kingdom of Syldavia. He also said that repairs to the Power Plant will be followed with greater responsibility for its effect on the surrounding coast line. 

Arc International, who owns the Power Plant and leases out its operation to the Province of Serbieski granted a press conference this morning. Its official spokesperson, Viscount Hayz also assured the public that the investigation will have Arc International's full support. He also vowed that far more effort is to be done concerning the environment. An apology, for what seemed to be lack of security, was officially  extended to the Grand Duke of Hanoveria.

Lady Arcwhite released a statement saying: "We regret the shocking events of yesterday and hope that those responsible will be brought to justice. We wish the Serbieski people and its shared coastline with Wallachia only the best and will do all within our reasonable power to see it safe and in order."

A Political summit has been set where the Princess of Wallachia will be meeting with King Nikolas III of Syldavia to discuss the matter along with their Foreign Affairs Ministers. The Serbieski Coastline has been put under high alert for the time being. 

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  1. Hello from Spain: often scare. I hope they have everything under control. Keep in touch