Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Breaking News (Sebieski Power Plant Bombing)

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hanoveria were taken on an official and highly publicized tour of the new Natural Gas Power Plant on the Wallachian border to the Syldavian Province of Serbieski. The purpose was to raise objective public awareness of the pros and cons of the new plant. This happens in the wake of negative media report on the topic of natural gas extraction. Security was tight and assured by the Kingdom of Syldavia as aside from the natural gas controversy, Serbieski's penchant for political protest and violence is infamous.

From left we see the Royal Contingent, the Baron Bagrazia represented Wallachian interests, then the touring  couple in the center and on the right we see the Grand Duchess of Serbieski representing her husband the Governor of Serbieski and the Chairman of the Natural Gas Directorate.

This photo shows the newly erected Power Plant in the distance. Some environmental activists have pointed out how the environment has already been adversely affected as the photo shows no plant or trees remaining after it construction.

The Grand Duchess of Serbieski lead the tour as the Royal representative of the Kingdom of Syldavia, within who's borders the plant is built. It is however physically owned and managed by Arc International which is controlled by Lady Arcwhite as an investment in the Province of Serbieski. 

Cutting edge technology extracts the volatile gas and converts its power into electricity. Experiments in the fields of medicine, industry and weaponry are also conducted at the plant. The people of Serbieski are positioned as the main beneficiaries as the plant, creates jobs, attracts industry and provides power for the entire province and also the entire region including Syldavia and Wallachia. The adverse affects on the delicate coastline bordering Wallachia remain an unresolved controversy. 

Disaster struck as a bomb unexpectedly went off in one of the warehouses as the Royal tour passed on foot near by. This was followed by two other blasts set in different parts of the plant. 

A chance photo of the initial blast unexpectedly taken by the photographer accompanying the Royal Tour. Details are sketchy as yet but we are assured that nobody was injured. It seems that the damage done by the blasts was cosmetic with only surface damage done to buildings. This was obviously a planned protest action of sorts. We will expect to hear officially from the relevant parties. 

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