Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wonderful Weekends (Odd Unpublished Portraits)

Most often on a Sunday we blog about State and Official or other portraits of our illustrious Royal personages. Yet many times a photo, regardless of its grandiosity, may end up being overlooked. Today we will post some of the nicest portrait shots that have been as yet unpublished on this blog. This style of "official"photography is our personal favourite hence our intent on showing these never before seen pictures. 


A photo of Lady Arcwhite taken in 2011. It was deemed controversial due to the genuine fur she wore and so never reached mainstream media. 

A stunning portrait taken to be auctioned in 2013 of Princess Kirsten Youssopoff in order to raise money for an orphanage she sponsors. 

Queen Gloria of Normandia only recently allowed this photo to be published on this blog. It is of her late mother, Lady Karen Van Der Bilt.

An unpublished photo of Queen Gloria attending a movie premiere in 2011.

An unpublished photo from last year's Christmas Ball of the Shahbanou of Perlistan.

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