Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Memory Monday (Kitty Spice Documentary on the Cathedral of the Lionheart)

The world famous reporter Kitty Spice, in the wake of Empress Crystobel's funeral in 2013, was asked to produce a documentary in conjunction with SNN on what  has now become the reinstated National Cathedral of Britania. The ancient bastion of Royal faith in God was spared any physical destruction during the 96 Revolution due to its cultural mystique, but did suffer the demotion from Cathedral to mere museum by official decree of the new Revolutionary Democratic Government of Britania. In today's post, Kitty Spice will take us on a tour through its timeless halls and transport us to a place many has said has given them peace and rest in troubled times.

Kitty Spice gave the introduction to the documentary from the center great hall of the Cathedral.

 This ancient building was erected in the year 1277 as the official Royal Cathedral for the entire Kingdom of Britania. It was named (in Franconian, the " language de rigueur") Cathédrale du Cœur de Lion, which means Cathedral of the Lionheart. The purpose of a Cathedral being to serve at the heart of a nation and as such the place where God speaks and where from He issues his decrees. In this capacity the Blue Cardinal who always represented God and the Mithrandir did not just serve the Kingdom of Britania but also officially related to the neighbouring Kingdom of Scotney. As such the Cathedral served as a unifying symbol and even a force for peace on times of tension between the two neighbours. 

The Cathedral was also the place where Kings of Britania, and eventually the Emperor and Empress of the United Empire of Scot-Britania, were crowned. 

This view shows the very heart of the Cathedral, the Ex Cathedra Pulpit from where the word of God is shared and services conducted. The pulpit Lion's Head Sculpture symbolizes the roar of God's glory as His word is spoken to bring freedom and blessing to people. The pulpit directly overlooks the central altar. Above the pulpit we see the stained glass window in the design of a Gothic stylized rose. The symbology of God's beauty being revealed through light streaming onto the altar is obvious. 

This wide view shows the entirety of the central hall where the pulpit and the altar can be found. Here we can also see the four gilded statues of the most prominent figures in the Bible save Christ. From left we first find Moses, then David, St Paul and St Peter.

This venue was officially reinstated to serve as Royal Cathedral in 2013. The government of Britania felt obligated to honour the deceased Empress Crystobel with a funeral service held here as would have been the case had she and her husband not been deposed in 1996. 

To view the post on the funeral follow this link.

His Eminence the Blue Cardinal, Pastor of the Flock Royal also had his exile lifted in order to return to what would have been his seat if there had been no revolution. The Cathedral of the Heart of the Lion served as the center of "Christendom" and was officiated over by the Blue Cardinal in the Pre-Revolution days. Here he spoke and ministered on behalf of the traveling Mithrandir, the head of the Church Temporal. As per tradition, the Blue Cardinal presides over all Royal Funerals and has thus also been restored to the Cathedral and his function as from the funeral of Empress Crystobel.

A close up of the Statue of Moses, the shepherd of God's flock.

The Statue of King David, the man after God's own heart. 

A bird's eye view as seen from the raised gallery. One can see behind the pulpit and the altar directly in front of it. The Cathedral is designed to inspire awe but also to be welcoming and relaxing to anybody who enters inside its walls of sanctuary. The idea is to remind us of the Scriptural promise in Psalm 23 where it says: "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not still lack He leads me by still waters..."

History can be grateful that this great and deeply symbolic building was spared the ravages of the 96 Revolution and that it and its message survived to serve our contemporary Royals. 


  1. Love the set. Is the statues that you use actually fashion dolls!

    1. The statues are fashion dolls yes. :)

  2. I'm impressed! Great diorama! I loved all the history of the Cathedral

    1. Thank you Sergio for your constant support of my blog. :D