Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

"To be or not to be" Thursday (List of Living Royal Personalities 6)

Finally this list is completed. This, our last installment of  Royal and Noble characters deals with all the "other" personalities and for lack of a better term, "anomalous" personalities. Please note that many of these are not just "rent-a- crowd" but some play foundational parts in the fabric of Europan Royalty and indeed the world. Some are also high ranked or related closely to major people in the story. However they are listed here for not being regulars on the world stage or because they deliberately seek out privacy or just because their station is so unique and anomalous that they are not easily placed in the general hierarchy of things. In many cases the personalities listed here who value their privacy refuse the publication of photos but are at least mentioned somewhere in the story. In other cases photos are just rare to come by. We will do our best to eventually include some of those missing photos here so please come back to this post in a few weeks or months to see them. 






His Holiness The Mithrandir. He is the Head of the Global Church, Preeminent Prophet and Confessor and Councillor of the Flock Royal.

His Eminence The Blue Cardinal. He is the Dean of the Cathedral of the Lion Heart and Primate of Britania.

His Eminence The Silver Cardinal. He is the Primate of Scotney.

(no photo)
His Highness The  Duke of Champagne. He is the head of the House of Champagne and preeminent Noble of the former Kingdom of Franconia.

(no photo)
Her Highness The Duchess of Champagne. She is the wife of the Duke of Champagne.

Princess Victoire De Belmont-Champagne. She is the daughter of the Duke of Champagne

His Eminent Highness Prince Dennis of Swann. He is the younger brother of the Duke of Swann and the Grand Master of Malta and Duke of Banbury.

Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Alexandra of Ruskiana. She is the younger and estranged sister of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Ruskiana.

The Honourable Chancellor of Britania. He is the premiere of the democratic government of Britania.

The Honourable President of Scotney. She is the premiere of the democratic government of Scotney. She is a distant cousin of the Duke of Argyle.

Miss Marelize Von Engelbrecht. She is a friend of the Duke of Swann and a world famous art curator and dealer.

Miss Sable Blackwood. She is a wealthy business woman who owns several night clubs worldwide. She is also in business with Lady Arcwhite.

The Ladies of the White Veil are the members of the elite sorority of celibate women who form the government and army of the islands of Arcwhite.

Royal Servants are found wherever you find Royals. They are faithful and discreet and do their jobs with great dignity.


  1. Hello from Spain: I like Miss Sable Blackwood. Keep in touch

  2. Some great shots here. Love the shot of the bride and the one of the guy rolling out the red carpet. The background is fabulous.