Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What's Up Wednesday (Duke of Swann's State Visit to Wallachia)

Todays post is a day late but better slightly late than never. Here follows our report on the 3 day State Visit of His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann to the Grand Principality of Wallachia. Although the visit was politically motivated with topics like military alliances and the still controversial Arcwhite Power Plant looming on the Wallachian border. The visit was also poignantly between two cousins. The two took one afternoon out from their busy schedule to go on a private horse riding excursion in the mountains outside the capital. However the main purpose of the visit was a reassessment of the two countries military alliance, an inspection of the Swanobial naval base which is situated a stones throw from the Syldavian border and the Arcwhite PowerPlant, and an evaluation of the same Power Plant's impact on the surrounding coast line. 

The Duke of Swann was visibly happy to see and spend some time with his ageing aunt Princess Suzanna, the mother of the reigning Princess of Wallachia. One of the hot topics undoubtedly discussed amongst them as family must have been the and the upcoming wedding of the Duke of Swann's sister and the Arch Duke of Fulco D'Este. 

As usual to a State Visit the intinerary finally culminated in a State Banquet held at Hunedoar Castle. Princess Xenia hosted the banquet wearing a red velvet dress and Empress Crystobel's Cameos, bought at auction last year.

A close up of the two Heads of State and cousins. 

The full attendance of Royals included from left; the Princess of Wallachia's husband Baron Bagrazia, The Princess of Wallachia, the Duke of Swann and Princess Suzanna. 

The Duke of Swann took the opportunity to pose for a special photo with his aunt. The strong family ties between the two Royal families were very evident on this otherwise very diplomatic and politically motivated State Visit. 


  1. Hello from Spain: I see that the Duke of Swann poses for a photo with his special aunt. These outfits are very stylish. Keep in touch.

  2. Que bonito diorama me gustan muchísimo los estilismo y sobre todo las joyas que utilizan son realmente ideales y bonitas, besosss

  3. Gracias a mis fieles fans por sus amables comentarios.