Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Crown Jewels of the World)

A list of all the existing Major Crown Jewels in the world will give all our fans a sense of the grandeur of the historic collections being preserved in the greater Europa. Our list will only focus on the main Crown Regalia and not the entire collections of each country.

The nationally symbolic Crown Jewels of Syldavia consist of a King's Crown and Queen's Crown.

The Kingdom or Normandia only has a Crown for the monarch be it a King or a Queen. In the case of a King, his wife would wear the Queen Consort's Tiara.

Hispania also only employs a single Crown as the preeminent part of its historic Crown Jewels.

The Principality of Swann has a Crown, Orb and Scepter as its Royal symbols.

The Principality of Wallachia has a Crown for the reigning Prince that is rarely worn. There is a smaller Crown for a Consort which is a veritable copy of the main Crown.

The Grand Duchy of Hanoveria does not place a lot of symbolic value on the concept of Crowns. A Crown does exist and is depicted on Crests and official symbols of state.

The Islands of Arcwhite do not employ symbolic Crown Jewels per sé but they do have this Medieval Headpiece that is one of the oldest diadems in all of Europa and is worn during event of high formality in Arcwhite. 

The major element of the Monagask Crown Jewels would be this almost 2000 year old golden wreath.

Fulco D'Este, although a modern democracy that has ousted its monarchy, has retained its national symbols of which this Crown is the main feature. The Crown is made of iron and is symbolic more of the people of Fulco D'Este's independence than the former monarchs.

This Crown, along with it's female counterpart is all that remains of the spectacular Ruskian Crown Jewel Collection. It is being displayed in the Ruskian capital after its rediscovery almost 70 years after it was thought lost.

The old Empire of Perlistan used this Crown as the greatest symbol of its monarchy. An Empress' Crown, Emerald Parure and a Scepter completed the official Crown Jewels Collection. 

The Electorate Grand Duchy of Reichenthal was once a Kingdom with a complete Crown Jewel Collection. The Crown of Reichenthal is all that seemingly remains of that former collection. 

There is no greater or more spectacular Crown jewel Collection than that of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. The main elements of the collection can be seen above and was saved the destruction of the 1996 Revolution through the foresight of Empress Crystobel.

Many collections like those of  Franconia and Britania faced documented destruction and some disappeared into the recesses of history. Who knows, this list may be added to in future. 


  1. I am so envious of your talents! Omg I so want the Reichenthal crown!! You know Iove purple. The Arcwhite headpiece is an masterpiece in it own right. It makes a grand statement. I do like Swann septer, that a grand jewel by itself.

    1. Brini. Thank you for the encouraging compliment. Amidst the bad economy it is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hello from Spain: great collection. .. Keep in touch