Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fascinating Fridays (Stately Portraits of the Duke of Swann)

For our Friday post today we will feature a list of some of the best portraits of our own Duke of Swann. Some of the photos are featured on the blog for the first time, but not all. However the collection gives a nice visual overview of the regal ruler of Swann.

2009 for the Annual Knight's meeting of that year. 

2012 for His Royal Highness' 15th anniversary of rulership. 

The 2011 Sate Portrait.

In 2012 whilst visiting an animal sanctuary. 

Here the Duke announces an art exhibition featuring his own work in 2012. 

An official photo opp celebrating Prince Dillon's graduation from military academy, also in 2012.

The famous first meeting in 2012 on Arcwhite soil with its celebrated ruler. 

The 2012 Christmas Ball saw the Swanobian Royal Family attend together. 

The 2013 unveiling of a historic inheritance. 

A 2013 press conference in the gardens of Duke's Court Palace. 

For the 2013 Annual Knight's Meeting. 

The tragic 2013 funeral of Empress Crystobel, the Duke's aunt, saw His Royal Highness as one of the pall bearers. 

Here we see the Duke posing with his cousin in 2010 for the Annual Knight's Meeting. 

The most regal portrait of any sovereign must be their Investiture photos. The Duke of Swann was crowned in 2004.

The 2013 Christmas Ball produced this unplanned regal portrait. 

At Queen Gloria of Normandia's nuptials in 2012, the Duke of Swann escorted his late aunt. This poignant photo, best portrays this International figure as celebrity and family man. 


  1. How cool is this post? I loved seeing all these pictures of the Duke of Swann :-)

  2. I think they're all awesome pictures, but I love the 2012 anniversary of ruling outfit. The purple is magnificent.

  3. Hola, que bellas fotos, sigo impresionada con tantos accesorios que tienes.