Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Upcoming Events)

Upcoming events for the first quarter of 2013 are promising to be very exciting and even controversial. We have some happy, some political and some tenuous events to look forward to.

First up the engagement party, somewhere in February and then the wedding of the Countess Dysart and the Duke of Argyle to follow later in the year, will be the next in a sequence Royalist event the nation of Scotney has seen on its now republic shores. 

For a special press release the Duke of Argyle poses with his fiancé the Countess Dysart in front of her ancestral home, Castle Glen Coe. The castle was the venue for the groundbreaking Birthday Celebrations for the Crown Prince Imperial in2012. The Prince is the claimant to the currently deposed throne of Scotney. 

To be hosted in Normandia, we can expect the wedding of the Duchess of Roswind to Prince Valmont D'Pont du Lac to take place somewhere in March/April. Official invites should be out forthwith. 

The engaged couple at their engagement party in 2012.

The office of the King of Syldavia has released to the press that Her Majesty Queen Maxima is with child. A short press conference with the reigning couple expressed their joy at the news and a speculated date for the birth. The heir to the throne is expected to arrive somewhere in August/September 2013. Queen Gloria of Normandia is expected to deliver her baby and heir in May of this year as well. 

The King and Queen of Syldavia pose in front of Ploch Palace during their recent press conference. 

The Upcoming State Tour of the Grand Duke of Hanoveria to Hispania and Wallachia with a stop over at the controversial Serbieski/Wallachia border, off-shore Natural Gas Refinery is set to run from mid till end March.

His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Hanoveria will take a much belated State Tour in 2013.

The Hanoverian monarch will visit the Principality of Wallachia and the Kingdom of Hispania respectively with hopes of increasing trade and strengthening political friendship.

In other news, the delayed Royal Art Gallery of Swann  that was due to open in 2012 will see its grand opening and debut exhibition of the Duke of Swann's photographic and fine art, take place in April 2013. 


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    1. Thank you. Which one excactly do you like?

  2. Hello from Spain, i can not wait to see photos of Hanoverian monarch on his official visit different countries. The arrival of a baby is always good news. I really like the photos and outfits. Keep in touch

    1. Yes, I love State Visits too. They are very official and the ladies normally dress to the max. The Grand Duke will be accompanied on the tour by his wife Grand Duchess Alice and his mother Princess Beatrice. We hope to see some rarely seen jewellery and some spectacular dresses. Normally with Royal babies, it keeps the mothers out of the limelight so we will see very little of Queen Gloria and Queen Maxima this year.

  3. Well done on an extremely immersive world!