Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 14 January 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (The Crown Jewels of Wallachia)

This year we will do far more posts focusing on the jewelry of the Royals as this is perhaps the part of this blog that I enjoy the most. For today we will feature the Crown Jewels of Wallachia. We already did a feature on the reigning Princess' private collection last year. There will also be a following feature on her mother's jewels to come soon.

The Crown Jewels consists of two crowns, one medieval tiara linked directly to the ancestors of the Princess and a set of earrings with necklace.

The Grand Princely Crown of Wallachia, seen here resting on the pedestal beside the Princess, is of a very early medieval design and manufacture. Manufactured in the 1300's from pure Wallachian gold and set alternatively with pear cut aquamarines and square cut amethysts there are also eight Fleur d' Lys topped with Caspian Sea black pearls. It was made for the legendary Prince Vlad III who needed new regalia after his treacherous brother stole and sold the original Crown Jewels to finance his rebellion.

The Royal Crest of Wallachia includes the heraldic representation of the Crown surmounting the shield.

A close up of the heraldic crown shows a remarkable likeness to the actual crown.

Due to Princess Xenia being the reigning monarch, it was appropriate and indeed expected by tradition that she wear the Crown, as the ultimate symbol of her office, on her wedding day. She paired it with the Crown Earrings. the effect was very successful even seen from a purely fashion point of view.

In this State Portrait from the era preceding the 96 Revolution we see the Consort Crown of Wallachia resting on the pedestal behind Princess Suzanna, the current Dowager Princess of Wallachia. This was probably the last time this crown was used. It was made at the same time as its larger counterpart. It is set with seven pear cut amethysts and seven square aquamarines set alternatively in the solid gold. It is decorated with seven white pearls instead of black like in the other crown. The Dowager Consort Princess wears the Crown Necklace and Earrings as well. This set was made especially for Princess Suzanna by the people of Wallachia upon her marriage to their Prince. The set was permanently added to the Crown Collection in thanks to the people in order that it remained a part of the national heritage in perpetuity.

This close-up shot of Princess Xenia shows the ancient medieval tiara that forms the final part of the Crown Jewel Collection. Called the Princess Bathoria Tiara it can also be seen in the two preceding State Portraits of Princess Xenia and he mother the Dowager Princess of Wallachia. The tiara was permanently entered into the collection when Prince Vlad III's daughter was stripped of wealth and titles in circa 1550 after she was declared mad by the Seer Mithrandir. The Princess purportedly murdered several servants and children after her husband the Count Bathoria cheated on her with a servant girl. She was left isolated in her remote castle while her husband conducted his "affairs" elsewhere and eventually her husband's neglect drove her insane. Today many superstitions surround the story of the Princess Bathoria and her tiara. One in particular states that if the tiara was ever lost that the curse of madness would befall another Princess of the Draculesti line.

Wallachian tradition never included sceptres and spheres into its Royal symbolism or regalia. It has never been anything other than two Crowns. One for the Prince and one for his wife. The addition of the Tiara, earrings and necklace never attempted to alter the symbolic nature of the Crowns but have just added to the recorded history of a very ancient country. It is our pleasure to be able to see these beautiful jewels still in use and hope to do so for many years to come.

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  1. Hello from Spain: I like to see the crowns. They are a very elegant jewel. Princess Xenia shows the old medieval tiara. I also like the earrings with red. Keep in touch