Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Princess Oktavia von Hohen und Silberstein)

On the 1st of January 1980 in the Syldavian Province of Silbertein the Palace of Reichsburg hosted a New Years Day celebration along with the birth of the 10th Prince von Hohen und Silbertein’s firtsborn. Her Serene Highness Princess Oktavia Frederika Maria von Hohen und Silberstein, Countess Von Reichsburg and Freiherrin Zu Germania, was brought out for presentation to the revelling crowd in the Palace ballroom at 40 minutes past 12. Such was to be the life of Princess Oktavia; one of glamour, wealth, parties and being the centre of attention but not without an akward discomfort.

The Von Hohen und Silbertein family’s transport and banking businesses began in the early 1700’s. Due to their service across the borders of several kingdoms they were granted the title of Prince. Thus the Princes von Hohen und Silbertein never ruled a country but had title and rank. The family businesses over time grew into multi-billion dollar enterprises and upon her father’s death in 1985 Oktavia became the youngest billionaire in the world. The Bloody Revolution of 1996 hit the Kingdom of Syldavia very hard but the Princely family of Von Hohen und Silberstein were only affected by "losing" their titles. Their international business allowed for certain concession to be granted after severe taxing of course. International laws however were passed after the revolution declared that descendants of old Royal and Noble families could only retain titles as part of their surnames but internal family laws on titles and inheritance were private affairs.

The death of Princess Oktavia’s father, combined with her mother’s weak character brought the family wealth under a trust managed on her behalf by extended family members. When she reached her early teens the revolution struck. This was the emotional breaking point and opportunity the Princess needed. Her hatred for her uncle and board of trustees was made clear in a well publicized restaurant altercation. To henceforth embarrass the trustees while at the same time snubbing the insubordinate “democratic” attitude of commoners, that fueled the revolution, she was seen to dress in outrageous vulgarity with a matching spendthrift lifestyle. She exploded in a teenage rebellion like only a billionaire heiress could, expressing her angst before the whole world and did so in the way she knew best; to party. Drugs, sex, rave parties and shopping became the hallmark of the “Punk Princess”. She hit the A-list social set with nuclear force and upstaged a well known Hotel heiress several times, resulting once in a cocktail party swimming pool “accident”.

Wearing Madame Frumesetta and an antique family ruby parure, we see the Princess in her punk heyday. 

The Princely Jewellery Collection is of typical Royal standards, beautiful, valuable and embued with history. This particular ruby tiara bears a striking resemblance to one owned by Empress Crystobel. However the rubies seen here are of a square cut and not round like in the case of the Empress' tiara. 

Upon her 25th birthday Princess Oktavia assumed full control of her vast wealth and with it came an unexpected new sense of responsibility. She had seen life on drugs in nightclubs and even lost friends to addiction and suicide. Now she wanted to give back. She immediately patronized every drug rehab in Europa and became the outspoken “face” for Dance Against Child Abuse. This unique international charity consists of musicians, and other celebrities working to aid orphans and other children who have been abused. Oktavia has been engaged twice and prospects for the future are left with this 2007 quote; “If I die unmarried I will do so having raised as many children as I can.”

Under the current restored monarchy of Syldavia, The Hohen und Silberstein titles have been newly recognized. This means that we might see more of this style phenomenon in an official capacity even though she prefers to work rather than to party. 

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  1. Hello from Spain: After her 25th birthday of Princess Oktavia took over her life. She is more mature and responsible. I'm glad. She is really pretty. Keep in touch