Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 2 January 2014

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Interview with the Grand Duke of Reichenthal)

As the New Year is fresh and it is our first Thursday of 2014 we decided to do a profile that gave us a bit of history whilst exposing us to the "new". The year 2013 saw many Royal Families return to the limelight but none drew as much attention as Reichenthal. Due to some internal politics the Royal Family of Reichenthal had been quite secluded and existed in an obscure and separated state from the rest of Europa. Now they are flung onto the world stage and on our blog and we hope to see many happy returns. 

A secluded country ... The Reichentalian Code

There are many reasons why Reichenthal was almost seen as the "stepchild" of Europa:

The country is landlocked and surrounded by mountains making it very difficult to access.

No mineral resources existed and Reichenthal was only famous for its wine, highly skilled artisans and its very isolationist political outlook.  The Europan Continent did not pay much attention to a small obscure and politically insignificant "kingdom" that also posed no threat to anybody else except perhaps to complain about somebody's lack in "styling wallpaper".  

Politically Reichenthal also liked to play both sides of the fiddle - never really "siding" with any major political Europan powers and almost always abiding by a policy of peace.  Nobody bothered with Reichenthal as it seemed to be an "unimportant little valley" and in turn the Reichentalian nation never really bothered to become part of the Europan civilization.  On their part they existed separately from Europa and reinforced their seclusion by making every 12 year old Reichentalian lay down what is called a "Reichentalian Code" or "Oath".  This Oath legally bound every Reichantalian citizen to a loyalty to their country and its Crown above all else.  

It's interesting to note that this Reichentalian Code was played as a trump card:  It ensured that the major powers of Europa would not be threatened by Reichentalian Citizens as they would remain loyal to their King and his ideals.  The King acted as a sort of Representative for the Reichentalian nation and as such he made deals with the Royal Houses and Governments of the rest of Europa, bartering Reichentalian craftsmanship and wine for peace and prosperity within the country.  Reichenthal was not bogged down or affected by External politics and even abolished its military after it became clear that the country could exist in harmony with Europa through its policy of diplomacy.

The role of the Reichentalian King and Reichental's place in Europa

The Reichentalian King is an embodiment of the nation's ideals, its moral compass and its pride as a people.  

Today Reichenthal is t
echnically speaking, not an independent country although its existence has not been affected by its mediatized inclussion in Greater Syldavia.  By a swipe of the King's pen, Reichenthal was made a province of Syldavia (after the 1996 Revolution) in order to protect Reichenthal from the brewing  democratic forces that might invade and to abide by the stipulations as laid down by the then Governor of Syldavia. After the Restoration of the Kingdom of Syldavia (in 2012), The King of Reichenthal was mediatized to a Grand Duke to represent Reichenthal to the rest of Europa but remained in a personal capacity the "King of his people".  

The current ruler of Reichenthhal, Grand Duke Lothair Richard, King of the Reichentalians standing in front of the famous pure gold Reichentalian throne. The throne is an example of Reichentalian craftsmanship and was made from gold received from other Europan countries in exchange for Reichentalian Art and Wine.  

A little bit more insight ...

In 2013 the famous reporter, Kitty Spice was granted the first international interview with a Reichentalian Monarch.  Some of the main topics that were covered follows here:

Kitty Spice:  What role do you see Reichenthal playing in a modern world?

Lothair: Reichenthal has a lot to offer. Our wine is among the best in the world. Our museums of history are some of the most untapped intellectual resources of knowledge in all of Europa. Our artisans do not only offer furniture by distinction of antique value but we are leaders in modern furniture making and art as well.  Since Reichenthal has become famous after the Syldavian Restoration we are growing as a tourist destination of distinction, offering a perspective on Europa unlike any other, as our country has been so untouched by war and the '96' revolution.   

Kitty Spice:  Tell us a bit about your wife.

Lothair: Grand Duchess Azantha is my undying support. She puts up with me. She made a huge sacrifice giving up her religion to become my wife.  She listens to my complaints and supports me in whatever I do.  The Grand Duchess is extremely popular in Reichenthal. Quite frankly, I think if I died tomorrow the greater part of Reichenthal would not see it as a great loss, but if Grand Duchess Azantha has to pass on the nation will feel that they've lost a close friend.

Grand Duchess Azantha, Grand Duke Lothair and Kitty Spice conduct the interview around a cup of imported tea.

Kitty Spice: Was it easy for you and your people to be included into the Greater Syldavia?

Lothair: For some of the older generation Reichentalians it was a traumatic adaptation. They saw it as a threat to Reichenthal's prolonged existence as a secluded and "safe" haven.  The younger generations were much more pro-inclusion. Nevertheless all Reichentalians now see the benefits of the country being a part of the continent - it has brought even greater wealth and opportunity to the region. The day-to-day goings-on for Reichentalians in general have remained unaffected. The only real change has come as far as my role as ruler. What it boils down to is that I have more work to do (The Grand Duke giggles while he says this) and everybody else carries on as if nothing happened.

Kitty Spice: How do you see you and your family's role in relation to other royal families within Europa?

Lothair: We have always maintained great relations with the Principality of Swann. Wallachia is also an ally.  Due to our inclusion into the Syldavian electorate we have fostered friendships and ties with others that in the past, we were even considered enemies of (Like Serbieski).  The figurehead and example of Empress Crystobel cannot do anything but inspire anybody who has ever sat on a throne. Our moral support of His Imperial Highness The Crown Prince Imperial, will never waver. Our loyalty to the King of Syldavia goes without saying and we support the greater good of the kingdom of Syldavia. Another notable is Lady Arcwhite who visited us incognito for a hunting expedition in our forests.  

Dark Days of Lothair's past 

On the 15th May 1997 a turning point in Grand Duke Lothair's life (then the Crown Prince of Reichenthal) came when he had a motorcar accident whilst under the influence of alcohol during his stay in Wallachia for his studies.  

In the above picture we see the young Prince Lothair with two police officers after traffic was brought to a standstill by his smashed car.  Though nobody was injured the complications caused by his diplomatic immunity caused a great embarrassment to his father and the people of his native Reichenthal. This only added fuel to what was going at the time as a civil war was raging in then neighbouring Syldavia. This civil war, sparked by the 1996 revolution toppled the Syldavian Monarchy and brought an end to the monarchic system in several other regions. Reichenthal was not to be spared. 

On the 21st July 1997, two months after Lothair's accident, his father was assassinated amidst the ongoing civil unrest.  Reichenthal itself did not suffer the civil war except for an intruder from Syldavia that saw it as his duty to eradicate the Reichentalian Monarchy.  

King Richard Joshia lies in state after his assassination.

Lothair in effect was now the ruler of Reichenthal and was to be so for a mere seven days. After seven days the new Governor appointed by the annexation of Reichenthal by the new Syldavian Democracy arrived as the authority in Reichenthal with the following stipulations:

Lothair was not allowed to, in any official capacity, identify himself as King.

All members of the Reichentalian Code had to relinquish any ideals to become a threat to Syldavia or assert independence.
Lothair would be the middleman between the ruling governor and the people of Reichenthal.

Though Lothair was no longer officially the King of Reichenhtal as a region, his people continued to call him their King and addressed him as "Your Majesty".  The idea of not having a king was unfathomable for Reichentalians who, after swearing allegiance to their king during the laying down of the Reichentalian Code, could not accept the Governor's stipulations.

Due to the Reichentalian Code Lothair had no option to agree to the Governor's demands as it was the only way to secure him and his people's safety. It was after relinquishing his position as King that Lothair uttered his most famous words:  "If God created the World in 7 days and thereafter was satisfied with what He had done, who am I to complain about being king for 7 days?"

In effect the whole of Reichenthal was made a prisoner of their mountain alcove and faded from the memories of the world until the Syldavian monarchy's restoration in 2012. 

Syldavia restored its kingdom as a traditional monarchy but after a year decided to reconsider the structure.

Part of the new Syldavian Elected Monarchy ...

The 5 aristocratic dynasties that make up the electorate had to ceremoniously take up their place and also gather for their actual first practical meeting.

It was announced from the offices of the newly restored King Nikolas III of Syldavia that hence forth Syldavia would remain a Kingdom with King Nikolas III as "King for life". The monarchy would convert from its then hereditary succession to an elected succession with immediate effect. This meant that consecutive  Monarchs would be elected from the congregation of Noble and Royal Dynasties within the traditional borders of what is now Syldavia. Therefore the Heads of the Houses of Serbieski, Bo'hemia, Von Thurn und Taxis, Von Bismarck and Reichethal would be eligible for election as "Monarch for life" upon the death of the former Monarch. Each House will follow its own house laws on succession. 

The elected monarchical system will allow a fair chance for all the traditional monarchies to feel included in the rulership of Syldavia. Officially the Congregation of Dynastic heads would be known as the Syldavian Electorate and would also serve as the Kings Ruling Council. It stands to reason that this system never allows for an actual Royal Family to exist as only the King and his wife will fall within that category. This places a lot of prestige on the regional royal families as far as interacting with the people groups are concerned.  

Pictured above we see the Reichentalian Royal Family:  Princess Delrese, Grand Duchess Azantha and Grand Duke Lothair.  This is in effect how Reichentalians see their Royal Family:  a strong structure devoted to humble service but at the same time upholding a standard of dignity.  The above photo was an officially released state portrait of the Royal Family to Celebrate the 16th Birthday of Princess Delrese.  

At the 2013 Christmas Ball Grand Duke Lothair and Grand Duchess Azantha made their first  international official appearance and represented both the people of Reichenthal and their status as part of the Electorate of Syldavia.

For more detail on Reichenthal visit: http://royallothair.blogspot.com/


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