Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fun Fridays (Royal Recreation and Sport)

The lives of Royalty is everything but "normal", yes they have jobs and "work" but not like most people. This also counts for the topic of recreation. Often what the general populous might see as recreational, like going to the movies or dressing up and going out for dinner, is exactly what Royalty consider to be work.

Princess Augusta at a film premiere.

A typical example of this antithesis can be noted in the famed appearances of Royalty at film premieres. It would be a dream for a member of the public to appear on a glamorous red carpet and then to do so to watch an entertaining movie. However, if you are Royal, you might be required to go as part of a charity you endorse or to focus attention on a locally produced movie. Whether you like the movie or not, whether you are tired after a busy day, you are obliged to attend. Its work.

Thus it is often the opposite and very normal pursuits like going to gym that may prove to be recreational for a working Royal. However, they are human and do also enjoy what we enjoy like going to the beach, although in their case it has to be a private beach in order to avoid being mobbed. Then there are the pursuits reserved for the selected few, the privileged elite. These exotic and sometimes expensive pastimes are indulged in the wake of having been deprived the normal joys of life. 

Here we see Prince Dillon of Swann enjoying what any of us might see as a typical recreational pastime.

His Royal Highness and a friend from his army platoon spend some time motorbiking at a private beach.

Tanning and swimming, not just motorbiking.  

Having an in-house games room in Duke's Court Palace affords the Duke of Swann the very "normal" pastime of playing Pool albeit in a very grand setting. 

Recreation may range to the more "unique" as our hardworking Royals pursue outlets for the personal creativity.

The Duke of Swann is an avid Spanish dancer attending lessons once a week for two hours at a time. 

A pencil sketch by the Duke of Swann shows one of his other interests.

Many Royals pursue latent artistic talent and may in their free time experiment with art, sculpture and photography. 

Horse riding is inextricably linked to Royalty due to the historic link of modern Royals to their cavalry leading ancestors. Today however it may often be employed for casual fun. Going for a horse riding outing is indeed recreational but keeping horses is expensive. The economic means of many Royals makes this an obvious pastime. 

The recreational aspect of horses may also be pursued formally by competing in equestrian sports, like horse racing, polo and horse jumping. Princess Marie-Elizabeth has even competed in the Olympics taking home a Silver Medal in Horse jumping. 

The very elegant sport of fencing is seemingly and obvious choice of Royalty but indeed very few have indulged in this historic sport. 

It is considered an ancient and noble discipline and has been practiced most notably by the Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco DÉste (pictured above), the Duke of Swann and the Duchess of Roswind. 

Another favourite in the Royal Games Room must be the ultimate mind game, chess. This game also has its historic roots deeply entrenched in the Royal Courts of medieval Europa. Amongst our famous Royals the ones who excel at this game are thought to be Lady Arcwhite, the Baron D'Rothchild and Prince Felix Youssoupoff.

 We hope this post has given more of a view of the private side of our public figures. Seeing the real people behind the glittering facade of Royalty. Recreation allows a person to relax and let their hair down. This does sometimes also show an ugly side as some controversial activities may prove. Hunting is often cited as such an activity and its most enthusiastic fan Lady Arcwhite has often been called to answer for her self-indulgent pursuit of it. 


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