Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 9 November 2012

Frivolous Fridays (Princess Odeliah's Fashions 2012)

For fun we thought we would post on fashion. It is a Fascinating Friday after all and showing the top fashions of a single character back-to-back might prove interesting and fun. Princess Odeliah would in a different era be considered the preeminent  Royal Lady but the Revolution has caused her to be the wife of an Emperor in waiting. Her husband however is still afforded his rank by courtesy and his vast wealth allows his wife amazing jewellery and couture. It must be said that the "humble farm girl" can hit a sweet spot sometimes but also sometimes misses the mark but hasn't been known to completely crash the fashion airplane. Let's look at what she wore to the major events in 2012 so far. 

From left- The Princess at the Heads of the Royal Houses Meeting in a plain, loose fitted, dark blue dress. Arriving with the Crown Prince Imperial at the Normandian Royal Wedding in a dark blue chic mini dress with black ruffled accent. At the Annual Knight's Gathering wearing tight fitting, timeless black velvet and ruffled shoulder accent. 

From left- Arriving at the Syldavian Investiture, which was seen as the most important Royal event of 2012 wearing Barbie International. Then in a huge ball gown with a very traditional feel, for the 15th Anniversary celebrations in the Principality of Swann. She adds to this dress her Engagement Tiara and matching Collar Necklace, both of Imperial scale and grandeur.

From left- At the Roswind/D'Pont Du Lac engagement wearing a black velvet mini and faux fur. At the Imperial Birthday Party in September wearing a glitzy pink Barbie International original. 

It seems that dark tones and pink are Princess Odeliah's favourite and that she prefers fitted dresses to vast ball gowns for official functions. 

The Crown Princess Imperial also seems to have a favourite tiara as it is the one most often worn. This tiara was especially made for the Princess upon her engagement. She chose to not wear it for the first year of her marriage and wore it for the first time at a Pariseum Fashion gala. What most people didn't realize was that it was the week of her first wedding anniversary, a subtle thank you to her husband for his kind gift. 

The Crown Princess Imperial also posed for three separate "State Portraits" in an attempt to bolster the Imperial image and popularity in the media.  For these she went all out with amazing dresses and official jewellery. 

For this portrait the Princess wore a Madame Frumsetta original. The stark black and white make for a very dramatic  image off-set by the spectacular Imperial Diamond Tiara and Necklace. It combines to make for a very effective statement of Imperial rank in austerity. This is our choice for the "perfect Imperial look".

Wearing a dress originally designed for her mother in law, Empress Crystobel and complimented with black fur and famous black pearl parure from her mother in law's collection. This portrait subtly implies family solidarity and historic continuity embellished by severe style and wealth. 

To show a softer side, Princess Odeliah chose a pink Barbie Original that she wore for the 2011 Christmas Ball. She pairs it with the rarely seen Blood Ruby Parure and a fur stole. The look is more down-toned by Royal standards in comparison to the preceding photos. It also gave the Princess a chance to wear the rubies, which often gets overlooked for major functions due to the smaller scale of the set. 

What is your favourite look for the Empress-to-be???


  1. Awesome! I love seeing fashion reports!!
    How much time take sew these gowns and making the jewelleries?

    1. Hi Sergio. Tnx for the compliments. Not all the dresses are hand made. Obviously some are just Barbie dresses that are bought but the ones that I have made can take up to a week to make and cost a fortune. The best example are those of Contessa De Lumbre and the Queen of Ophiri. Check them out by searching my label (To be or not to be Thursday) if you haven't seen them yet.

  2. Hello from Spain: The Imperial Princess has some fabulous dresses. Her tiara is gorgeous. My favorite dress is red, designed for her mother in law, Empress Crystobel. .. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta. Tnx for your kind support of my blog. I also love the red dress and it has been worn in different forms by The Princess Marie-Elizabeth and the Empress and Princess Odeliah. It is a hand made dress that an old lady made for me for only $10. Please wait for this year's Christmas Ball when all the Royals will be dressed to the max. I am very excited.