Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Frivolous Fridays (Empress Crystobel's Fashions 2012)

It has been a week since our last post!!! What a shock but schedules are tight the closer we get to the holiday season. So we will post a bit early to try make up for it. One of the main logistic nightmares at the moment is the Christmas Ball which will now officially take place in the Islands of Arcwhite. Security arrangements alone for this year's "controversial" ball pose huge problems. Yet, amidst the up-hills we will post about fashions as a lighthearted distraction. 

Last week we gave a rundown of all fashions Princess Odeliah wore at all the major 2012 events she attended. Today we will feature those worn by Empress Crystobel. As the mother of the Emperor-in-waiting and the matriarch of the wealthiest family on earth, Empress Crystobel is the epitome of style and classic glamour. We always expect to be baffled by her jewellery in contrast to being impressed by her often "down toned" clothing choices. 

From left- At the Swann  Anniversary Celebration the Empress chose a decorative silver accented black ball gown, paired with her Amethyst Parure. Then for the wedding of Queen Gloria a chic pink mini skirt with her Ruskian Sapphires. Later in the year she chose an aquamarine knee length dress with velvet ruffled shoulders and paired it with a Halo Fringe Tiara. 

From left- At the Birthday Ball, Empress Crystobel wore plain white and rubies. Then early in 2012 at the Heads of the Royal Houses Meeting, pink and rubies and finally for the Concert held in her honour during her Scotney visit she wore salmon pink and rubies and diamonds mixed. 

When the Republic of Scotney opened it's borders to the Empress in a gesture of goodwill, Her Imperial Majesty wore stark black in mourning for her dead husband as she left lilies with the memorial in the capital. The stoic look is our favourite for the Empress in 2012. 

Her Imperial Majesty seemed to favour above all else, her rubies, fur and pink as a colour for 2012.

The official portrait released early in 2012 saw Empress Crystobel wear a traditional inspired print ball gown which she paired with her Black Pearl and Ruby Wedding Gift Parure last seen before the 96 Revolution. The dress, slightly altered, was later worn in public for the first time by her daughter-in-law, Princess Odeliah at the Swann Anniversary Celebration.

What is your favourite look for the Empress in 2012? One can only wonder in bedazzlement as to what everybody will be wearing at the Christmas Ball in December. 


  1. Hello from Spain: wow, wow ... clothing and accessories are gorgeous. My favorite look for the empress in the upcoming Christmas dance is the official portrait dress or dress in the first photo: black and white dress. Keep in touch

  2. Thanks for the comments. The Empress will be wearing an entirely different dress for the Christmas Ball and she will obviously not disappoint. Thanks for your opinions on what looks good on her, she takes her public appearances very seriously.