Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 18 February 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Similar Ruby Tiaras)

It does sometimes happen due to fashion trends or even unintentionally that some jewellery end up looking much alike. We discussed this in a previous post where we compared two sets of emerald jewellery that were very similar in design and over all appearance. In today's post we will refer to two tiaras that can only be distiguished by the cut of the coloured stones. The one tiara is very famous and often worn by the wealthiest Royal in the world. The other is less famous but has been infamously worn by the so called "Punk Princess". Let us compare these two ruby tiaras. 

Empress Crystobel is known to love rubies more than any other gemstone and her combined collection of rubies is the largest in the world. Here she is seen wearing the tiara in question. This Tiara is called the Ruby Dowry Tiara and forms part of a much larger set. 

Some pieces of the larger collection of Rubies called the Crystobel Dowry Collection can be seen in the above photo. The rubies in the Dowry Tiara is said to have belonged to the wife of the first King of Scotney as an independent Kingdom. They remained uncut for centuries until Queen Crystobel I of Scotney had them faceted and set into this tiara. This is where the rumour began that the dowry tiara's design was copied. 

Princess Oktavia owns a very large historic collection of jewellery of which this early 19th century ruby parure is probably the center piece. She wears it here in a typical punk mode for a gala event in 2011. 

The Von Hohen und Silberstein princely rubies are more than 200 years old. The set consists of a choker necklace, bracelet, long sautoire necklace and the tiara. The rumour is that the Imperial Tiara was made to copy this older version belonging to the Von Hohen uns Silberstein family as Queen Crystobel of Scotney ordered her version of the tiara shortly after a visit from the Hohen und Silbersteins. The square rubies in the older tiara are far larger than thr round ones in the newer Imperial tiara. The new stones however are of a better quality and a more modern cut. 

Which one do you prefer and which wearer pulls it off more successfully?


  1. I always love seeing these posts! Thank you for brightening my sick day (I got a bad flu)

    1. Glad to make your day. Hope you feel better soon. You didn't say which tiara you preferred.

    2. True! I'm stuffed of antibiotic medicine and I'm not on my 100%, sorry. My favourite tiara is the one Princess Oktavia is wearing! I love the design and it looks great on her, she has a rock diva allure!

    3. Really hope that you get better quickely. Thank you for your comment and for supporting my blog. If you have any advise on how I could improve it or anything or chatacter that you'd like to see more of, please let me know.