Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Imperial Coronation Part 3 (The Procession and Balcony)

Part 3

The Post Coronation Procession and Balcony Appearance.

At 12:00 the ceremony was completed and the Emperor and Empress were ready to take the processional route back to the Aldarian Palace. Donning their Imperial Blue Robes of State they exited the cathedral to the National anthems of Scotney and Britania followed by the applause of the congregation and the acclaim of the crowds outside. 

With the Emperor and Empress comfortably seated in the Coronation Coach they began the 20 minute processional ride back to the palace. 

The Coronation Coach was to be at the head of a train of several coaches, carriages and limousines carrying all the dignitaries back to the palace for a banquet in celebration of the day's events. The banquet will not be allowed any media coverage to allow a respite for the VIP's after the strains of the day. 

The Imperial Family sends the Coronation Coach off as they wait for the arrival of their processional transport. 

The Coronation Coach is lead by the Earl Basquith who's ancestors have held that honour for over 7 generations. 

Directly behind the Coronation Coach Princess Augusta and Princess Kirsten followed in a State Landau.

They in turn were followed by the Duke of Swann, Prince Dillon and the Mithrandir.

Apart from the Coronation Coach, the Duke of Swann garnered some of the greatest shouts from the crowd.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Reichethal can be see in this carriage...

...along with the Grand Duchess' sister the Shahbahnou of Perlistan.

The Prince and Princess of Monagask.

The Fulco D'Este's and their cousin the Duke of Banbury.

the King and Queen of Syldavia. To post the entire procession would take far to much space so we hope our selection will suffice for this report.

Finally after almost two hours, the procession was complete which did afford some rest to the Imperial Couple who arrived at the Aldarian Palace first. Then at about 15:00 the much awaited balcony appearance of the new Emperor and Empress and the Imperial Family was received to tumultuous acclaim of the electrified crowd.

Imperial waves abounded as did beaming smiles and a continuous roar from the crowd.

The Duke of Swann shared in the glorious moment as did many members of the family.

After several balcony appearances lasting quite a while, the Imperial Family retired to prepare for the banquet. A fireworks display has been planned for 21:00 tonight at which point the Empress and Empress will reappear. That will not be blogged as the bank holiday demands celebration and our staff will be out on the streets enjoying the celebration along with the whole nation. We truly see this as one of the greatest milestones and social victories in the history of the entire Europa and along with the Mithrandir we hope and pray for a new day and bright future for all...

...and they all lived happily ever after. 

The Imperial Coronation Part 2 (The Ceremony)

Part 2

The Coronation Ceremony

After the Emperor took his place at the Throne the actual ceremony was officially about to begin. 

The Emperor positioned himself before the Throne and after another fanfare was announced by the State Herald as His Imperial Majesty the Emperor Chritian-Victor of the United Empire and King of the Scots and Britanians. 

The Mithradir presided over the Prayer of Blessing for the Nation of Scotney and the Nation of Britania. This was followed by the hymn "Amazing Grace". The Coronation Liturgy also includes a reading and revelationary teaching from the Scripture.

The Mithrandir then proceed down from the Pulpit of the Lion's Voice to consecrate the Coronation Regalia in the presence of the Royal assembly. 

After the consecration prayer, the St. Christian's Crown is brought to the Throne and placed on a pedestal next to it. The Emperor then received a direct prophetic prayer and blessing from the Mithrandir which was vocally affirmed by the congregation shouting: "...on earth as it is in heaven..." 

The Crown is raised by His Holiness...

...and the Emperor is crowned King of the Scots and King of the Britanians by the will of God. The congregation voice their acclaim: "...God save the King, long live the King..." three times. A 24 gun salute is fired from Imperial Park outside the cathedral as crowds audibly cheer. 

The Empress then proceeds down to the Holy Altar and curtseys to the Mithrandir. 

The First Princess, Princess Augusta then present the Consort Crown of Scotney and Britania. 

It is acknowledged by the Empress who touches it. She is then acclaimed by the congregation " ...Long live the Queen...". The wife of the King ( as the will of God) receives her queenly dignity through marriage and is thus not crowned. 

A Duke of Swann traditionally receives his Chain of Office from the King of the Scots upon his ascension to the throne however our current Duke did not have the opportunity as the Kingdom of the Scots was disbanded at the time. As part of this coronation ceremony the Duke of Swann was afforded this belated traditional honour. 

The Emperor offered the chain with the words: "To our most Royal and Noble cousin we acknowledge and affirm the rulership and friendship to and from the Principality of Swann." 

The congregation then affirms His Royal Highness with an applause. 

The Duke of Swann recedes from the throne taking three steps back and returns to his position in the cathedral. This brings us to the next part of the ceremony. A short 15 minute interval allows everybody a break while the Emperor, Empress and attendants retire to the small Imperial Chapel behind the Throne. 

The Imperial Couple reappear and are ceremonially disrobed in the presence of the reassemble congregation. The Emperor, as King of the Scots and Britanians is assisted by Blue Cardinal in the process of removing his Red Robe. 

The Emperor will also swap his Royal Chain of Office for the Imperial equivalent. 

Empress Odeliah is assisted by Princess Kirsten in her disrobing. 

The Imperial Couple then don the Imperial Blue Robes of State before the Holy Altar. Empress Odeliah also swaps all her jewellery of Royal Scotney and Britanian association for an Imperial Tiara, Necklace, Earrings and Brooch.

The Mithrandir ascends the pulpit to declare a blessing and the will of the people to submit to an Elected Holy Emperor. 

The Emperor is presented in turn with the Sword of State, the Imperial Sceptre and Orb of Dominion. Each is accompanied by a vow and a consecrating prayer.

After which the Emperor returns to the Throne and is joined by Empress Odeliah. At this point the congregation cheers: "...Long live the Emperor..."

As the Emperor holds his dignity by election, he is not crowned but " bears the crown" in the humility of equality with the peoples of Europa. 

However, the Empress holds her dignity as Empress by the will of her husband, who then crowns her as such to the acclaim of the congregation who voice their affirmation of the Emperor's will with three cheers of: " Hurrah!".

The Empress then promises her faithful alliegence, first to her husband and then to her Emperor.

The Crown of Empress Crystobel used to crown Empress Odeliah and all Her Majesty's Imperial jewels can be seen in detail in this spectacular photo. 

The Emperor then poses in State with the Royal and Imperial Crowns for a set of  coreographed photo opportunities. 

The Imperial Family are also recored in a photo for the history books. 

The Royal guests...

...and the Scot-Britanian Nobles are all photographed as the Emperor and Empress prepare for the procession back to the Aldarian Palace.